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What is Karate?

Karate is martial art (fighting style) developed in Japan (more specifically the Japanese Ryukyuan Islands). Unlike many other Japanese fighting styles which were developed for and by the warrior class the Samurai, it was mainly practiced by the farmers and fishermen of the island. Because the government had outlawed the ownership of weapons by any except those born to the noble class, karate was and still does focus on unarmed self defense combat. In more recent times, it has also become popular for its fitness and sport aspects.





Why learn Karate?

Reasons for learning karate differ with every student. Many learn it because it is a proven self defense system, many practice it to improve their health and flexibility. Its a fantastic base style for those who might be hoping to become fighters and go out to compete.

How is Karate different than other martial arts?

Karate generally employs punches, kicks, joint locks, and pressure points from a standing position to fight. It is somewhat less acrobatic than some other popular styles, making it more quickly applicable to those with limited flexibility at its basic level.

What is the sport aspect of Karate?

For a full contact system like the one we teach, there are limited karate only full contact tournaments here in the south. There are however several kick boxing and MMA venues which our karate can prepare any interested students for.

What can I expect in a normal class?

Expect a warm up with a healthy dose of stretching, followed by a short period of calisthenics. Once we are all warm and flexible, we proceed to the day's lesson. We believe in sparring with each class to enforce the lessons learned and to keep techniques realistic.


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