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Brazilian Jiujitsu


What is Brazilian Jiujitsu?

BJJ is a grappling (similar to a wrestling fighting style) developed in South America based on Japanese Judo which was based on Japanese Jiujitsu, which was a Samurai style of unarmed combat. It is used to either take an attacker to the ground, or if knocked down already, to quickly knockout and or disable the offending person. This style has enjoyed popularity because of the enormous number UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship) fighters who employ it. Although many MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) fighters learn and use BJJ, it is also an effective self defense style and a sport all to itself.





Why Learn Brazilian Jiujitsu?

As with all martial arts, most start BJJ for self defense, but most stay for the sport and fitness aspects. BJJ training builds extreme core strength and endurance, and in its sport form, it allows athletes to compete at full strength without the same level of injury associated with other combat sports.

How is Brazilian Jiujitsu different from other martial arts?

Generally, BJJ focuses on joint locks, chokes, and throws to disable opponents. An unfortunate truth is that most fights end up on the ground and BJJ equips students to deal with situations where they find themselves pinned or held by attackers. Despite the fact that BJJ is more popular with men than women, it is a wonderful self defense style for any woman who is worried about confronting stronger larger opponents.

What is the sport aspect of Brazilian Jiujitsu?

BJJ competitions are becoming increasingly popular and more tournaments are being held locally each year. In 2009 the largest grappling organization in the world, NAGA (North American Grappling Association) finally held a championship in Charlotte, showing the increase in interest within North Carolina.


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