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SAGA Head Instructor Scott White


Sensei Scott White has trained in martial arts since 1998 and began teaching on his own in 2008. He has won numerous karate and Judo tournaments, and has won such prestigious grappling tournaments as NAGA, the Gracie State Championships, and The Budweiser World Jiu Jitsu Cup, The Monster BJJ Cup and US Grappling. Scott won the Most Outstanding Male Competitor in the state of North Carolina in 2010 from the United States Judo Association. Scott is a certified black belt Karate instructor, a USJA Judo black belt and 2014 NC State Judo Champion, and a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Brown belt under Gracie Barra Professor Roger Carroll, and an active member of Team Superior's BJJ team.





As well as being owner and head instructor, Scott is also the head grappling instructor of SAGA. Scott polishes SAGA's ground skills by teaching throws, takedowns, arm locks, chokes, leg locks, sweeps and counters to make sure his students can deal with any situation that they might find themselves.


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