Oct 032011


 …wow, its…just wow. If you haven’t watched the video, I don’t know if words can describe what we just witnessed…ah…have you ever woken up in the middle of the night and said to yourself do you know what we need, something more violent then MMA? Something manly. Arm Wrestling is manly, but do you know what else is manly? Punching the snot out of the other guy while you arm wrestle him!

Here’s how it works. Two…(do we call them fighters?) fighters come out and attached by the waist to the arm wrestling table. Their right arms are ductaped together. The bell rings, and they try to tear each other apart while connected together. There are three one minute rounds with one minute rest periods. Each round fighter wears a glove wired to record the number of strikes to help judges score the match. Rounds are scored based on 1.effective aggressiveness (scoring clean strikes),  2. arm wrestling pins and 3. table generalship (who controls the bout). The genius behind this Art Davie (co founder of the UFC by the way) said this about his new sport, “When I created the UFC, the boxing community and martial artists, from karate to taekwondo, said it was too brutal and a freak show….a “unicorn sport”. Now some in MMA are taking shots at my new sport, XARM – saying it’s too extreme. Oh, how history repeats itself! What XARM does is take the best three minutes of any MMA fight – removes the ground game…and gives fans what they want – raw, uncensored, nonstop action!”
Sadly this retarded idea ended almost as quckly as it started in December of 2009. But I guess the idea isn’t gone. As long as there are two drunk red necks and a roll of duct tape left in this world, there is always the hope that we will see it return. Until then, X-arm lives in our hearts.

My deep thanks to Brandon for the tip.


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