Sep 232011

Apparently, the Japanese national sport suffers from as much scandal as any of our own. The  Japan Sumo Association (JSA), which recently admitted to the long-suspected malfeasance that has caused the sport’s meltdown. There are cases of steroids use,  wrestlers connected with Yakuza-run betting racket, and match fixing. This might not really matter to us, after all, why should that sport be any different then any other, but because of Sumo’s religious and cultural importance. Its kind of a big deal

Akinoshima, the greatist champion in the history of the sport (1500 years!)now retired and training Sumo fighters of his own told his students,If anyone in my stable was under suspicion, I’d tell him to commit hara-kiri and die.” I am not sure if being someone’s Sumo coach gives you that kind authority, but still kind of scary. 
How and why would anyone have a motive to debase a sport of nearly naked fat guys trying to throw one another? Well I’ll put it to you this way. The average Sumo makes $20,000 a month. The Champions make more, so if that is the kind of money these guys pull in, there is plenty of cash tied up in this mess. The problem is that causing Sumo to lose face in the eyes of the public could spell the end of the martial art. Akinoshima says, “For without the sumo spirit, all this is nothing more than pigs colliding.”

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