Sep 292011

As a young man raised in the martial arts, I was fed stories of awesome master martial artists that could use their energy to make themselves stronger, root themselves to the ground so that couldn’t be moved, armor themselves against injury, and even read other people’s minds. Naturally,  it was too dangerous couldn’t perform these feats on me. Once an instructor brought in a tape of the UFC, and we watched it and were asked to point out the fighter’s lack of education, and show where the fighters could have been easily knocked out if they had only known the correct pressure points. I asked why a correctly trained fighter had never gone to fight so the world could see their mistake. Because, real martial artists don’t sully themselves with vulgar sport martial arts.

Now its easy to say this is was just a weird teacher. However, its kind a trend in many martial arts schools. I am sure alot of you were raised the same way. I only give this introduction so you know that as I mock this, I feel like I have the background to do so.

Lets start with some videos. The first is “The Human Stun Gun” Master Tom Cameron on a fox news cast.

 Now you have probably seen this video. Basically, master knocks out his own students without touching them, but can’t knock out the little female reporter because, “he doesn’t want to hurt her”. So they ask some local Brazilian Jiu Jitsu guys to come down and give it a try…no dice. Why? Because as fighters their bodies are trained to handle the energy. Good to know. So apparently Master Cameron’s students aren’t trained to deal with their own martial art, but BJJ guys are. Sounds like a great self defense style, it only works if the member’s of  your own dojo attack you. Doesn’t work on large athletic types. Sounds perfect.

But hey, I had never heard of Master Cameron before seeing this video, but I had heard of George Dillman. Master Dillman has been in Black Belt magizine hundreds of times, and was constantly referenced by martail arts teachers when I was younger (and probably still is). Now the following video is totally worth watching, but it is on the long side, so if you don’t have time, I’ll have an another video of just the really awesome part. This was done by National Geographic and Dillman explains how these chi powers work.

 Ok, if you didn’t bother watching the video, I’ll hit the highlights, Dillman tells about how he can knock out the largest meanest man on the planet with his chi, and in fact has done just that before. With his energy, he can control people’s bodies, and sometimes while standing in line at Starbucks, he will take control of the entire line just for fun. He can not only knock someone out without touching them, he can do it while separated by a sheet. Now place the card anywhere in the deck….oh wait that’s something else. Anyway, if you didn’t watch the above video, here is the ending.

Ok, Why can’t they knock out a 120lb Chemist? Well he might have had his tongue in his mouth wrong, or he might have had his big toe up. Now I can knock out the biggest man on earth, but not if his toes are “wrong”. Or as he repeats, the Chemist is a non believer…Wait, electricity doesn’t require belief to shock you, a choke doesn’t require belief to render you unconscious. And you had better believe the guy who will be trying to mug you has no idea that you are even supposed to be able to knock him out with only your chi. (Oh interesting note, the guy attempting the knockout is Leon Jay, the late Wally Jay, the founder of Small circle Jujitsu’s, son and current Grand master)

So class what have we learned today? A powerful martial arts master can knock you out without even touching you, unless 1, you are a small woman, 2, a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu fighter, 3, small but brainy guy. But the art is deadly effective on you if you are out of shape and study the aforementioned martial art.


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