Nov 152011

Really didn’t mean to ignore UFC 138 which marked the UFC’s first broadcast on regular tv. It did recieved more views then any UFC ever. Its amazing, if you go from charging $50 a view to free, more people will watch it. I’d say more on the subject, but I spent the day doing martial arts instead of watching martial arts, and totally forgot about it. So I’ve done what all of you have no doubt done, went to someone else’s blog and read what happened, so kind of pointless for me to plagiarize right now (not that I don’t admire plagiarizing).

Instead I want to talk about UFC 139. This of course features Dan Henderson vs Shogan Rua. Dispite the fact that this isn’t a title match, I am more excited about this fight then the last several hyped matches. Of course Henderson vs Shogan, but I’m even more pumped about Cung Le vs Wanderlei Silva and even moderately excited about the Urijah Faber vs Brian Bowles fight. More after the break


Henderson Vs Shogan. We have here a world class wrestler with really heavy hands vs a world class kickboxer with a BJJ black belt. So they both have skills to be scared of, both have the skills to nullify each other. I like both of these fighters so much its hard for me to want one or the other to win. I predict that the fight will either be on the boring side and go the distance, or one is going to drop a hand and the other will knock him out in the first round.

Cung Le vs Wanderlei Silva. Now here is a fight I am excited about. Silva is just one of the meanest hardest fighters on this earth. Cung Le is a video game character. Cung Le does a modern Kungfu style called San Shou. I really just need to take a day and just cover that martial art, because it rocks. Cung Le is a fantastic kicker, but more then that, his angles and style are really unique. Fighters like Cung Le and Lloyto Machida get me re-excited in martial arts again by offering the hope that there is something new and awesome waiting to be learned again. And for that reason I really hope it turns out to be a cool fight. I expect great things from this match. Its hard to call because Silva hasn’t been doing all that well lately, and Cung Le has never really fought on this level of competition. Can’t call it, just crossing my fingers.

Urijah Faber vs Brian Bowles. Wow, I expect energy…and blood. I see at three rounds of turbo charged awesome. Although I am not a big fan, of either of these fighters, I expect this match to be more entertaining than the two above matches I do care about. God bless light weight fighters.

Below there is the previews for the upcoming UFC

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