Nov 032011

For some odd reason UFC 138 will happen one week after UFC 137, which seems like bad scheduling to me, but whatever, I’m game and it looks like it will be free and on Spike. I like free cause I’m poor thrifty. This one will be in England, which might explain things.
On the card we have:

Middleweight bout:  Chris Leben vs. Mark Muñoz
Bantamweight bout:  Brad Pickett vs.  Renan Barão
Welterweight bout:  Thiago Alves vs.  Papy Abedi
Lightweight bout:  Terry Etim vs.  Edward Faaloloto
Lightweight bout:  Paul Taylor vs.  Anthony Njokuani

This UFC will feature non title matches with five rounds for the first time ever. Of course this is just for the main events. I kind like the idea. Part of being a good fighter is conditioning, and if you add two more rounds, it give fighters with great cardo a chance to gain the advantage. The main event is between Mark Munoz, known for his wrestling skills, and Chris Leban, known for his drinking skills or lack there of.

Also mildy interesting is Thiago Alves is fighting some dude named Papy Adedi, and according to Wikipedia, he is a Swedish-Congolese fighter, (and I didn’t realize Comgolese was a term), who is a Judo Black belt and a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Purple belt. I’m kind of looking forward to this because I love seeing the Judo fighters in MMA matches. If ever there was a martial art that should be ruling MMA and hasn’t yet, its Judo.

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