Sep 152011

Proving that neither brains nor class are needed to be a great fighter.

Well its not new, I am sure you have all heard, Nick Diaz won’t be fighting George St Pierre in UFC 137. He will be switching fights with BJ Penn, and Penn’s match, Carlos Condit will be fighting Pierre for the title. As I understand it, the UFC dropped Diaz as the title fight for his failure to attend meetings and press events. It seems rather thin to me. I think that Dana White is showing him that he needs to do what he is told or else.  In his typically classy manner, Diaz had this to say,
“I’m not trying to make all these little excuses. If I’d have known the fight was going to be off, I would have (expletive) gone to the press conference, or I would have told somebody, ‘Hey, if I don’t make it to this stupid (expletive), I’m not fighting.  I think that people would have gotten me there. I think people would have come and gave two (expletive) and gotten me to that press conference, I didn’t even know there was a press conference. I thought it was some PR thing. People were trying to tell me, ‘You’re going to do this skit’ and that I had this part where I was walking through a hall, kind of like that scene Jake Shields did. I was like, ‘What the (expletive)? Are you kidding?’ So I’m thinking, ‘Somebody better come over here and tell me what I’m doing and get me ready to go do it so I don’t look like an (expletive).’ That’s how I feel when you’re coming to get me ready for something I’m not ready for.”

Yes Diaz, it kind of sounds like a guy who gets fired for missing work. “Dude if I had known you were going to fire me, I would have totally shown up.” And we all agree, someone should come and tell you what you should be doing, we all hope it happens soon, I think they are called managers. Oddly, he blames Pierre for this, saying that Pierre should have fought to keep him as an opponent (of course, he didn’t say quite that, it was longer and had alot more swearing). They asked Jake Shields what he felt on the subject, and he said he really didn’t know what happend. He did say, “I am very happy about the Penn fight, though, because I thought (Diaz) would get dropped. It is a great fight as well. I think Nick has too high of pace for B.J. and think he’ll beat him.”

Condit was asked about Diaz’s chances to beat Penn, “I think BJ probably takes it, I think his stand up is better, but I don’t know. Nick has unorthodox striking that he uses very well, is pretty effective for him. Yeah, I think BJ takes it, but I wouldn’t count Nick out.”
I’m amused at a world where people feel that fighting BJ Penn is somehow beneath them, or where losing a fight somehow makes him a wash out.

Pierre claims that Condit is more of a challenge then Diaz anyway, “I do believe that Carlos Condit is more dangerous than Nick Diaz, I do believe that if Nick Diaz and Carlos Condit would fight, I would put my money on Carlos Condit. For me, it’s even a bigger challenge. I’ve watched a couple of his fights, and it seems to me he has a bigger variety of attack standing up. His ground is very good, just as good as Nick Diaz, and standing up is more dangerous,” he said. “I’m going to have to be worried about a lot more things –- not only the hands. Nick Diaz is mostly a boxer, but Carlos Condit, he’s got a bigger range and more variety of attack. He can hit me with knees, elbows and everything, and he hits harder than Nick Diaz. For me, it’s a fight that I actually believe is way more dangerous. I think his pedigree as a martial artist is better than Nick Diaz. I think he’s a better fighter than Nick Diaz and way more dangerous.”

Ouch, that shot about his pedigree as a martial artist had to hurt worse than any string of obscenities Diaz could have flung. Far be it from me to disagree with GSP on anything, but I would say that anyone who’s training was directly under a Gracie counts as a pretty nice pedigree. In anycase, looking forward to their fights reguardless of who fights who first.

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