Nov 222011

This isn’t strictly martial arts related, but lets face it, martial arts are strongly linked with anything dealing with self defense and the fighting of zombies (Zom-jitsu). This knife was designed for divers to be able to stab and kill something like a shark in one attack.

The knife has a CO2 cylander in the handle and a channel drilled through the blade. Once you have stabbed your attacking badguy (or bad shark), you depress the trigger button and it blasts C02 into the wound, both freezing it and ripping it apart. Video of the knife in action after the break.

 Pretty cool isn’t it? The maker also points out that under water, if you stab shark with the WASP knife, the air now trapped inside the fish will carry the carcass to the surface, and possibly draw off other predators. That doesn’t apply to us, but still cool. What isn’t cool is that the knife costs $500, which makes you wonder why we just don’t buy a gun. However we should never loose sight of the fact that the coolness of a weapon always out weighs its cost. If you want one, they are for sale here on the wasp knife website.

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