Aug 302011

You'd be Paranoid too if everyone was out to get you!

Quinton “Rampage” Jackson thinks he is being watched. Convinced there is a spy in his training camp, he says he circulated a false statement that his hand was hurt, then hours later his manager got a call from UFC matchmaker Joe Silva asking about it. He says that Silva says that the information came from John Jones’ manager Malki Kawa. (If you didn’t know, Rampage is slated to fight John Jones for the light heavyweight title).

Rampage says that he first became wary about a spy in his camp during the days prior to his May 29, 2010, fight at UFC 114 in Las Vegas with Rashad Evans. He said he injured his knee in training, but kept it quiet and let no one know. Yet, Jackson said that during the fight, Evans punched him repeatedly on the injured knee.

“In all my years of fighting, I’d never been punched in the knee before and I never saw anyone punch someone in the knee,” Jackson said (Which is kind of a good point, the last time I had someone punch me in the leg I was fighting an eight  year old…true story). But recently, he says he received a message from a fan on Twitter telling him that Jones had a spy in Jackson’s camp, so he decided to test things with the fake hand injury story.

Of course John Jone’s manager says he heard about the hand injury on twitter, and that they don’t have a spy in camp. Evans also says he had no info about the knee injury, he simply noticed that Rampage reacted to his strikes, so he kept hitting him there.

Now I am more then willing to believe that anyone in Greg Jackson’s camp might be spying on their opponents, they play it smart over there. What I have trouble believing is that Rampage Jackson could figure that out on his own. He rarely strikes anyone as the Sherlock Holmes type. I also find it funny that both parties claim to be using twitter as their source of info. Apparently twitter is the new Casa Blanca of the fighting world.

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