Oct 142011

Yet another great white ninja

The post on Ashida Kim reminded me of some other…Ninja Masters. Today I would like to poke fun at Frank Dux. Grand Master Frank Dux is the subject of the movie Blood Sport, and claims to be trained in Koga Ryu Ninjitsu which he has updated into the modern Dux Ryu Ninjitsu using the experience he had being the world heavy weight champion of the secret international (often to the death) fighting championship “The Kumite” (which was formerly called “The Parade of Death”).

Of course no one knows about this fighting championship because its a secret! And who would hang out at such an even, Ninja of course! Its a wonder anyone could find one to invite.

See, in a normal tournament, the winner of eight fighters only fights three times

During this championship, Master Dux set the record of most knockouts in a single tournament, 56 knock outs! Now considering that this was a illegal, international tournament that no one knows about, that would mean that he fought 56 people in the tourny…which means that in his weight division alone there could be no less then 57 (56+himself) fighters fighting. Now, having fought in tournaments before (not secret ones, just normal ones) we normally use a bracket, not fight everyone one right after another. So if there are eight fighters in the bracket, that means half the fighters eliminate the other half the first round, and again in the second, until there is only one fighter left. So in an eight man bracket, that would equal only three fights for the winner to place first. So if it was a single elimination tournament, is weight division would have included 72,057,594,037,927,936 fighters…which if my math is right, is only slightly over ten and a half million times the population of the world. So just to stop being a jerk, I will assume they didn’t use the standard tournament bracket. Of course he also claims to have a record of 329-0 in this underground fighting championship. Why not, just because Georges St-Pierre only has a record of 22-2 doesn’t mean a Ninja couldn’t do alot better. An interesting note, he also claims to have won the kata division of the same underground secret tournament. Glad to know its not all killing and choking folks.

Now something that was not as secret is that Dux was the inspiration for, and co-wrote, the 1988 motion picture Bloodsport, and also served as fight choreographer. The film featured Jean Claude Van Damme who portrayed Frank Dux himself! He would also be sued by Van Damme too.

If you take a look at his website, in his FAQ, there is the question, “What other styles are simular to Dux Ryu?” Now, you might expect him to say Jujitsu since its also Japanese and was practiced by samurai, or perhaps kenjitsu since that was sword fighting at the same time there were ninja in Japan. He says Jeet Kune do or Tae Kwon Do are the closest styles. Of course neither is Japanese (one being Korean and the other Chinese), and neither are anything I would expect a ninja to us. But that makes sense, expect the unexpected when dealing with ninja. Have you ever noticed that everyone in martial arts is a master? Why are there so many 10th degree black belts and so few 2nd and 3rd degree black belts walking around? Simple, to be a master, you wake up one day and declare your self. To be a black belt, you have to train with someone long enough that he feels inclined to put his name and reputation on you. That’s harder to do.

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