Aug 212011

What everyone thinks of traditional martial arts

If you don’t frequent martial arts forums you are missing out on some of the greatest rivalry/e-thuggiery in the world today. I am of course speaking of three way split in the martial arts world. Traditional martial arts, which are martial arts who devote themselves to keeping the ways, terms, and teaching methods the same as they were handed down. There are Reality based martial arts, which are devoted solely to self defense and the most efficient means of surviving an attack. Finally you have combat sport martial arts which are martial arts that believe that one of most important aspects of fighting is to spend time fighting, and use competition as a major tool to rate the effectiveness of a person’s training.

What everyone thinks of Reality based martial arts.

Now once again, if you have never heard of these devisions, you are most likely wondering why any of them have beef with the other two. After all, why can’t you respect your roots, defend yourself, and become a better fighter by fighting all at the same time? Try asking that in a martial arts forum and see where that gets you. Then you will have all three sides angry at you.

So as a public service to all of you I present a little Q and A using each of these styles best known cliches and attitudes, possibly for your education, hopefully for your entertainment.

What is wrong with your rival martial art factions?

Combat: Unrealistic.

Reality: Unrealistic.

Traditional: Unrealistic and disrespectful.

What everyone thinks of Combat Sport martial arts

What makes a given technique a good technique?

Combat: If it works.

Reality: If it works.

Traditional: If its old

What’s your idea of the ideal technique?

Combat: Ground and pound baby! Ground and Pound! (Translation: Knock your opponent down and beat them until tender…baby)

Reality: Eye gouge! No… groin strike! No groin strike, then eye gouge! (you little punk.)

Traditional: Master **** would generate a field of ki energy around himself and then take control of his opponent’s energy defeating his opponent without ever touching him.

Describe a Reality based martial artist for me.

Combat: Older men and women who don’t want to work out.

Reality: Americans who refuse to be victims!

Traditional: Confused souls who do not grasp The Way.
Describe a Combat Sport based martial artist for me.

Combat: Awesome bro!

Reality: Bunch of jocks obsessed with playing their own game.

Traditional: Idiot barbarians who either are, or shortly will be criminals.

Describe a Traditional martial artist for me.

Combat: Gay.

Reality: Hippy nut jobs prancing around pretending they can fight!

Traditional: Enlighten warrior pilgrims. (At least we don’t roll around hugging other guys!)

Now you think I’d give a list of martial art that fall into each of these factions, but really its what each school thinks of themselves, not the style. I myself thought I belonged to one branch just to learn that everyone in else thought differently. On the internet, its not what you do, but who you pick on that defines you.

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