Nov 112011

The South East Asian Games is kind of like the Olympics for that part of the world. The announcement has been made that Tarung Derajat a martial art of Indonesian origin will be an exhibition event in this year’s games in the hopes of being included as an official even in 2013. A space opened because Cricket (that English weird game) was scrapped due to lack of funds. This of course begs the question of what is Tarung Derajat. Watch the video below.

 Apparently its like a full contact Tae Kwon Do match. Wikipedia says it includes grappling, but apparently not in competition. I guess the same way that Judo claims to have striking techniques. Honestly I am kind of pumped about it. Their style of fighting is what I always wanted Karate to look like. Good hard contact, but still using cool kicks. As I was going over the videos I did notice that no one ever seems to throw a straight punch, but hey, a boxer I am not, so I have no room to criticize. So lets all hope that they get into the the SEA Games, if they do, we might see some Tarung Derajat opening up over here.

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  1. Hi Scott. Thank you for your attention to Tarung Derajat. I’m Waru from Indonesia and I’m a member of Tarung Derajat. Today is the 2nd day of Tarung Derajat event in SEA Games 2011, for semifinal and final remark.
    In our country there’re many martial arts, local or from others country. But, me my self interested to Tarung Derajat since 2009 ,not just because it is from Indonesia, but the fighting art of Tarung Derajat really efficient and effective for real fighting and to protect ourselves or people, from its techniques and also philosophy. The history of Tarung Derajat it selves was developed from street fight in Bandung,1968.
    From your writing, you asked you don’t get straight punch in the video. Actually we have straight punch named ‘pukulan cepat’, another puch was like mentioned in the video.
    It’s my pleasure if we could discuss more about Tarung Derajat.
    My twitter @wvru
    See you :)

    • No problem, I really like what I have seen and read. I wish there was some place around here to go and train in it. Thanks for taking the time to comment

  2. Cool, thanks for sharing that Waru!

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