Jan 092012

Cristiane “Cyborg” Santos, the worlds scariest woman tested positive for stanozolol metabolites following a Dec. 17 title defense at “Strikeforce: Melendez vs. Masvidal.” Naturally I was shocked…that no one had caught her before this. I mean really, she looks like a man. Or at the very least a woman on a high diet of testosterone. She’s so tough that when she married, she might have taken her husband’s last name, but she made him take her fight name (Evangelista “Cyborg” Santos) ! I’m not sure if the officials tested her medically or if they just looked at her after her last fight and exclaimed, “Enough is enough!”

Anyway, they’ve suspended her from fighting for one year and fined her $2500.  Most pro fighters at this level only fight twice a year anyway, so she really just got a “lose a turn” card, and she made $66,000 off this last fight, so the fine is less then the taxes she owes on the match. Not that much of a slap on the wrist. A better punishment is not to suspend her, or fine her, just make her have to take a weekly drug test for a year, see what that does to her fight career.

I am kind of sad that she didn’t get to fight Ronda Rousey (currently ranked #2 in the world). She’s an Olympic medalist in and fourth degree black belt in Judo and trains with Team Hayastan. I’m really excited to see the two of them fight. Not sure how four total pro matches can net you the #2 slot, but at least Ronda doesn’t look like some female steroid monster. She just wins with awesome judo.

Dec 052011

Strikeforce, the only real competitor with the UFC for MMA in the US has decided that the UFC is being just plain spiteful and mean by competing with them. Knowing what we do about the UFC and MMA as a sport we are all shocked and outraged that they would try to defeat and out perform their competition.

Mainly Strikeforce CEO Scott Coker was complaining about the UFC planning counter programing, or putting together great cards at the same time as Strikeforce is planning an event to force fans to chose which event to watch. “The thought of somebody trying to counter-program you just to hurt your number or try to hurt your business or to create confusion in the marketplace, I mean, that’s something that just seems so unnecessary.” 

Yeah Dana! Its like when I fight, the thought that the other guy is trying to hurt me or try to confuse me is really unnecessary! We should all just resolve out differences with…. I don’t know, a coin toss.

He went on to say that ““We’re just trying to build the industry. Here’s what I mean by that: when the fans get to watch these fights on TV for free, I think that’s good for the sport. The more eyeballs we have on the sport, I think it’s better for the industry as a whole. Maybe some people might not feel that way today, but I think in the long run, free TV is what keeps MMA alive.”

Now I give him this, I don’t want a world where Dana White calls all the shots. I think that competion is good. But whining isn’t. No whining people!

Thanks to fighters.com for the info.

Nov 032011

There are two kinds of fight names. Ones that your training partners call you, and names that only the ring announcer calls you. …oh, and two more kinds, good ones and awful ones. So I guess there are four kinds of fight names. Anyway, regardless of how many types of fight names there are, they always carry with them something about the fighter. Some are easily understand able, for example Roy “Big Country” Nelson, and others are a little more cryptic. Fighters having fight names has long been a staple of boxing, but unless you practice it, you may not know that fight names are really traditional in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. It kind of makes sense. After all, Carlos and Helio Gracie were taught Judo by famous Judoka Mitsuyo “Conde Koma” (which means Count of Combat) Maeda, who was the star puiple of Tsunejiro “Guardian” Tomita (In Japanese it was Shiten’nō). Which is a really long way of saying fighters have had nick names in martial arts for along time.

Some fight names sound awesome when you are alone talking to yourself in the shower, or after your friend has kicked you in the head, but when you hear it announced, we all feel differently. Continue reading »

Aug 012011


How could we forget, the Henderson vs Fedor fight Saturday? In case you missed it, Henderson won by KO in the first round. Despite being smaller, Henderson seemed to be controlling Fedor against the cage surprisingly better than I would have assumed. Once they hit the mat however, Henderson appeared to be in trouble on the ground, and then an instant later he pulled free and hit Fedor right in the chin from behind. Fedor went limp and fell face-first to the mat. Now Fedor claims that they stopped the match too soon, but he kind of looked limp to me.


This was one of those matches that you have a hard time dealing with since you kind of want both fighters to win. Being American, I of course want the American to win, and I like Dan Henderson in anycase. On the other hand as a martial artist, it hurts my feelings to see a legend lose again. We all want to see these great fighters rise to preeminence again. Now that he’s lost three matches in a row, everyone seems to be talking like the man is dead and buried. And it may be true, I sure hope not, but it might be the last we see of him fighting over here in the USA.