Nov 192011

I have a philosophy with fighting. If it works, then its ok. Now there might be a better way of doing something. Hitting a nail with the head of the hammer works a little better then pounding it in with the handle, but it can be done, and in the end, its about results. The below video is challenging my point.

 I don’t know what country this is, or how this guy got a knife into a court room, but cop decides that the best way to deal with the situation is a two footed drop kick. I had someone ask me just the other day, “So if you were attacked with a knife, what you do?” I smiled at such a question and explained that my go to move was always a flying drop kick. I didn’t realize there were others out there that train in my secret art.
But on the other hand, he did save the hostage and didn’t even get cut…and I thats better then most martial artists I know. So starting Tuesday, I am going to start teaching this new disarming attack. I want my training to be as much like real life as I can.


Nov 112011

I felt a little guilty. I found my last post to be interesting, but as far as posts go, I felt like I was being the dude who sticks his head into a discussion just to tell you that the liver is the largest internal organ. Its totally true, and as far as organs go, its a pretty cool organ, but no one cares. Its like math jokes: If you get them, you don’t have friends. So to get rid of my personal sense of guilt (and to display my impressive knowledge of human anatomy), I offer you this clip.

 Bas brings up a good point in dealing with a very real problem in “street fights”. You don’t want to go to the ground, but unless your kung fu is soo good that you can be 100% sure of not going there, you really should know how to win from the bottem. With Chael Sonnon picking on Jiu Jitsu this week, I thought it would be nice to have something positive to say.

Nov 082011

Any traditional martial arts school will tell you that their martial art was developed durring some time of unrest for use in real war or combat and isn’t intended or useful as a “sport”. The term martial means military or war like. As Americans practicing martial arts, it is ineresting to see what our Army thinks might be useful for a soldier in war. They learn what is called Modern Army Combatives. Adapted in 2001 as the brain child of Matt Larsen. Watch below.

 Now I am sure that striking schools will be angry interested to know that they don’t expect to see student’s fighting ability to increase even after several months of training, heh. But I like the idea of focusing on teaching soldiers to fight instead of trying to have them memorize certain situational techniques. I also like how they build off a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu base and start adding kickboxing, Judo and weapons, but all in a fashion that allows for constant full contact training. If this sounds too MMA/Combat Sportish for you, it really echos Jigoro Kano reasons for creating Judo and much of Bruce Lee’s thoughts on training. I just wish there was a better/cheaper way for civilians to train in this blend of martial arts.


Oct 202011

When we were young alot of us were drawn to the martial arts because of the cool weapons we saw in movies and comic books. I was always trying to figure out how I could carry a sword for self defense, never mind the stupidity of that thought. Almost all of us have played around with throwing knives and blow guns, some of us even played with three sectional staves and chain whips. Ironicly the more normal a weapon is, the less chance there is that it ended up in your training. So I present Five fairly normal weapons that I and most likely you, never trained with

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Oct 132011


 Grand Master Ashida Kim has had profound impact on my life. When I was young, I had a bunch of his books on the Ninja. I still have them, I just find them funnier now. This video reminds you more of something Napoleon Dynamite would be practicing then something a “Ninja Master” would do while fighting you. If you pay attention, he will show a move he claims is from Judo, which sounds like “katsumi” which he says is the “Haze” technique. Doesn’t look like any Judo move I’ve seen. If any Judo expert would like to weigh in on this, that would be great. To be honest, I don’t think he knows Judo anymore then he knows Ninjitsu.

Sep 292011

As a young man raised in the martial arts, I was fed stories of awesome master martial artists that could use their energy to make themselves stronger, root themselves to the ground so that couldn’t be moved, armor themselves against injury, and even read other people’s minds. Naturally,  it was too dangerous couldn’t perform these feats on me. Once an instructor brought in a tape of the UFC, and we watched it and were asked to point out the fighter’s lack of education, and show where the fighters could have been easily knocked out if they had only known the correct pressure points. I asked why a correctly trained fighter had never gone to fight so the world could see their mistake. Because, real martial artists don’t sully themselves with vulgar sport martial arts.

Now its easy to say this is was just a weird teacher. However, its kind a trend in many martial arts schools. I am sure alot of you were raised the same way. I only give this introduction so you know that as I mock this, I feel like I have the background to do so.

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Sep 222011

No matter what style you train, most of the students at your school, at the vast majority of the experienced students are male. In Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, or any full contact martial art, the percentages are less. Much of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu was developed by Helio Gracie because he was smaller and weaker, and couldn’t make alot of Judo moves work for him against larger fighters. That sounds like a perfect martial art for women. So where are they? I think men keep women out of grappling!

Now, I love articles like this one, where I, a man, am going to tell you what women think. I am sure I will get a few women to reading this just so they can laugh at my attemps to figure them out. Basicly I think my question will deal with why in heck would women want to be able train grappling? More after the Jump

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Aug 212011

What everyone thinks of traditional martial arts

If you don’t frequent martial arts forums you are missing out on some of the greatest rivalry/e-thuggiery in the world today. I am of course speaking of three way split in the martial arts world. Traditional martial arts, which are martial arts who devote themselves to keeping the ways, terms, and teaching methods the same as they were handed down. There are Reality based martial arts, which are devoted solely to self defense and the most efficient means of surviving an attack. Finally you have combat sport martial arts which are martial arts that believe that one of most important aspects of fighting is to spend time fighting, and use competition as a major tool to rate the effectiveness of a person’s training.

What everyone thinks of Reality based martial arts.

Now once again, if you have never heard of these devisions, you are most likely wondering why any of them have beef with the other two. After all, why can’t you respect your roots, defend yourself, and become a better fighter by fighting all at the same time? Try asking that in a martial arts forum and see where that gets you. Then you will have all three sides angry at you.

So as a public service to all of you I present a little Q and A using each of these styles best known cliches and attitudes, possibly for your education, hopefully for your entertainment.

What is wrong with your rival martial art factions?

Combat: Unrealistic.

Reality: Unrealistic.

Traditional: Unrealistic and disrespectful.

What everyone thinks of Combat Sport martial arts

What makes a given technique a good technique?

Combat: If it works.

Reality: If it works.

Traditional: If its old

What’s your idea of the ideal technique?

Combat: Ground and pound baby! Ground and Pound! (Translation: Knock your opponent down and beat them until tender…baby)

Reality: Eye gouge! No… groin strike! No groin strike, then eye gouge! (you little punk.)

Traditional: Master **** would generate a field of ki energy around himself and then take control of his opponent’s energy defeating his opponent without ever touching him.

Describe a Reality based martial artist for me.

Combat: Older men and women who don’t want to work out.

Reality: Americans who refuse to be victims!

Traditional: Confused souls who do not grasp The Way.
Describe a Combat Sport based martial artist for me.

Combat: Awesome bro!

Reality: Bunch of jocks obsessed with playing their own game.

Traditional: Idiot barbarians who either are, or shortly will be criminals.

Describe a Traditional martial artist for me.

Combat: Gay.

Reality: Hippy nut jobs prancing around pretending they can fight!

Traditional: Enlighten warrior pilgrims. (At least we don’t roll around hugging other guys!)

Now you think I’d give a list of martial art that fall into each of these factions, but really its what each school thinks of themselves, not the style. I myself thought I belonged to one branch just to learn that everyone in else thought differently. On the internet, its not what you do, but who you pick on that defines you.