Feb 132012

Long before Fedor Emelianenko was famous as an MMA fighter, he was a Sambo and Judo champion in Russia. Russians take their martial arts more serously as a culture then we do here in America. When was the last time you watched Judo or Karate? Maybe as a bit part in the Olympics. Anyway the final fight for the Natianal Sambo Title was between Fedor and his little brother, Aleksandr. Skip to about 3:10 if you want to skip to the “fight”

As you might have seen…you did watch it didn’t you. I can wait….

Anyway you can see, it wasn’t much of a fight. It kind of looked like they hugged for a second, then Fedor decided to be a jerk and throw his little brother then armbar him. But then I started thinking with my mind brain and (yeah, my mind brain, don’t interrupt my mental process!) decided that apparently the brothers don’t fight each other. I’m sure its just being an American raised during the Cold war, but when ever Russians reach a championship, I expect either fight fixing or down right cheating anyway, so I can’t say I was surprised. Ever since Rock 4 I’ve been struggling with trust issues between myself and mother Russia, so bare with me there.