Aug 222012

And in other news… Ronda Rousey beat Sarah Kaufman in Strike force. However, I have talked about that so much that I don’t feel like posting on that subject. Instead I offer you this short video.

See wasn’t that more fun?

Aug 142012

When I’m not working or training, there is a great chance that I am trolling the Internet for weird martial arts stuff. Normally, I use the term to mean “… a method of fishing where one or more fishing lines, baited with lures or bait fish, are drawn through the water. ” (Thank you wikipedia). But today I mean trolling, as in like a troll, or just picking on someone.

It starts with ninjas. Ninjutsu is a real martial art from Japan, and I am sure there are some real practitioners of the style here in the USA, however we can never be sure, since they are so well hidden. Ninja are like the Where’s Waldo of martial artists. So when I find a website advertising their whereabouts, I think I need to look into it.

As I scrolled down the web page of one such school I was greeted by one of the greatest martial arts statements I’ve ever heard.
















And I did read more. However they didn’t tell me about this magic that replaces muscles in martial arts. I did get to read about the instructor though. He’s a black belt, and also awarded the rank of “Warrior Knight of the Shielding Blade” But don’t worry this brand of magic ninjutsu focuses only on proven and practical magical fighting techniques.

Jun 052012

Well the “Cupcaking” has continued into this week, and I make no excuses, no that would require me to write something. No instead of excuses, I bring for your consideration, a man, an actor, and lately a fighter. I bring you a man with three first names. Jason David Frank. If that name means anything to you, then you truely are a nerd. Because he was a Mighty Morphin Power Ranger. Over the course of his “acting” career he played a green ranger (see the picture to the right), a white ranger, a read ranger and a black ranger. He has also appeared in more episodes then any other actor, 242! Naturally being locked into a never ending and low budget series liks this will lead a martial artist to either on of two paths. Rage binge eating or Mix Martial Arts, so it was unsurprising when he hung up his Ranger uniform and decided to fight a different breed of crazy people.


Yeah I know. Who’d have guessed this tough guy was under all that spandex? Its like when you pick a fight with a mall Santa. Some of those guys will mess you up! And the beard makes it harder to rear naked choke them. Although they are some of the few people upon whom I have ever pulled off a winding beard choke. But I digress.

Mr Jason David Frank is currently a 7th degree black belt in karate, and a purple belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. He’s 4-0 as an amiture in MMA and 1-0 as a pro. So far three of his five wins have been by submission, so that pretty impressive. He’s also started his own martial art called Toso Kune Do, which he says combines Aikido, Jeet Kune Do, Judo ,Kickboxing, Shotokan Karate, Thai Boxing, Weapons, Boxing, Grappling, Savate and Gunting

And yes I did say Gunting. I have no idea what that is, but I don’t make this stuff up. I copy and paste it from their websites. (You can tell because its spelled correctly). Anyway, I am looking forward to the continuation of this man’s career (you know, now that I know he exists)

Mar 142012

Truely impressive comflasing abilities. Hopefully this guy is good at dodging attacks too, because someone is going to knock him out one of these times as he springs out of no where. You have to keep watching at least until the trash bag portion. I personally want to know why ninjitsu schools don’t assign stuff like this as homework for their students…. of course, maybe they do and we just never see them…

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Feb 242012

Although you may not know it, Iran’s nuclear ambition isn’t the only thing that is threatening our nation’s security. Indeed, we have defenses in place that can shoot down plans and missiles, but frankly, most of the Western world is unprepared to deal with Iran’s Ninja Army.

Yeah I know. Ninjas, there goes the neighborhood. If the rest of the world won’t sell Iran cutting edge technology, they decided to dig up some old world war-craft on us. Best part about this is what their stated mission for teaching women ninjutsu. Not to help the women gain personal safety, not to empower them, but no, to defend the nation against outside aggressors.  “We train women to have strength and ability. We have to do everything in our power to protect our homeland,” said Akbar Faraji, who runs the school.  “Our aim is for Iranian women to be strengthened and if a problem arises, we will definitely declare our readiness to defend our Islamic homeland.”

Well I guess ninjutsu is the perfect for them, its the only martial art that already makes its fighters train in a burka.

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Dec 122011

These aren’t for your kids. No matter how cool, I think this will get them in trouble if they bring them to school. They are Throwing Star Push Pins!

Basically one more way to annoy your coworkers, these are throwing stars missing one corner so they can be used as normal thumb tacks. The best part is that they are only $9.99 for a set of three! I don’t know if they can be shipped in time for Christmas, but I’m going to check. You can find them here.


Oct 272011

I know I’ve been giving our ninja friends a hard time lately. Well buck up bucky! Your wife might not let you throw knives in the house and your office dress code might not allow you to wear your mask, but you can still show your ninja pride as you tote this ninja coffee mug around the office.

And yes, it does have a cookie storage area!  It can also be used as a Tekko or thrown… I guess… Folks this is a winner. There are a few left at so get cracking!

Oct 202011

When we were young alot of us were drawn to the martial arts because of the cool weapons we saw in movies and comic books. I was always trying to figure out how I could carry a sword for self defense, never mind the stupidity of that thought. Almost all of us have played around with throwing knives and blow guns, some of us even played with three sectional staves and chain whips. Ironicly the more normal a weapon is, the less chance there is that it ended up in your training. So I present Five fairly normal weapons that I and most likely you, never trained with

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Oct 142011

Yet another great white ninja

The post on Ashida Kim reminded me of some other…Ninja Masters. Today I would like to poke fun at Frank Dux. Grand Master Frank Dux is the subject of the movie Blood Sport, and claims to be trained in Koga Ryu Ninjitsu which he has updated into the modern Dux Ryu Ninjitsu using the experience he had being the world heavy weight champion of the secret international (often to the death) fighting championship “The Kumite” (which was formerly called “The Parade of Death”). Continue reading »