Oct 142011

Yet another great white ninja

The post on Ashida Kim reminded me of some other…Ninja Masters. Today I would like to poke fun at Frank Dux. Grand Master Frank Dux is the subject of the movie Blood Sport, and claims to be trained in Koga Ryu Ninjitsu which he has updated into the modern Dux Ryu Ninjitsu using the experience he had being the world heavy weight champion of the secret international (often to the death) fighting championship “The Kumite” (which was formerly called “The Parade of Death”). Continue reading »

Oct 112011


As much as we enjoy the bone breaking aspects of the martial arts, all martial arts have one thing in common, Self Improvement. Above is a video series my buddy Grizzly started in his personal quest for self improvement. So far we are on episode 5 and he’s already lost 31lbs, and has kept us all entertained. He puts out new episodes every Friday, and other funny vids even more often. Check out his youtube channel and let me encourage you to subscribe to it. Grizzly, (a.k.a. Justin Almanzar) is a martial artist who trains Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Full Contact karate. The lady who appeared in this Episode is Chrissy Fuller, a cop, BJJ and Judo Champion. They make me laugh. So check them out and show some support.

Oct 102011


 Today I bring you some vintage 1989 footage of a…fight(?) aired in South Africa. In this video is self proclaimed Ninja Master Ashida Kim. Kim is the dude wearing a ninja outfit and boxing gloves. Now I have waited on posting this video for a while because I still can’t figure out what the referee is wearing. After much thought, I’m going to go with a jet pack. Surprisingly, the other opponent seems out of place, looking strangely…fighterish. I am getting tired of seeing Bruce Buffer in a tux, Joe Rogan in some Affliction type get up, I think its time that Dana White starts kicking it up to South African standards. I want Herb Dean in a jet pack, Joe Rogan dressed (and acting) like a robot, Bruce Buffer dressed as Hulk Hogan. Yeah! Well I can dream


Sep 202011

 Every martial art tends to venerate its founder. Those of us who grew up on a diet of martial arts movies and shows attribute almost supernatural powers to the old school masters. For example Chuck Norris can solve a rubix cube in one turn. Its true, I read it on the Internet. Bruce Lee can apparently defeat anybody at anything. His surviving students claim that if he had wanted to, he would have been one of the top three boxers in the world, and that he was really a great grappler, he just never taught it to anyone. No matter how you look at it, we had a time where there were some really great martial artist wondering the world. The question is always asked, how good a fighter were these men really. We hear about how awesome they were, how fast, how deadly, but who did they ever fight? So I’ve compiled a list of famous martial artists and their respective fighting records.

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Aug 312011

You don’t have to watch the whole thing to get the idea. Crazy awesome kick volley ball.


Anyway the sport is called Sepak Takraw, (which I am pretty sure translates to crazy awesome kick ball) is a sport played all over south Asia. Its played with a woven rattan ball and scoring is just like volley ball where you play to 21 points. The difference is of course that you can only touch the ball with your legs or chest, and is played in teams of three. Now there are records of games like this being played back as far as the 1500’s, and the game in its current form has been played since the early 1800’s.

It started out as a Chinese military game played to help soldiers increase their flexibility and give them something to do in their spare time, so if it looks like it was invented by kung fu fighters, that because it most likely was. If you are like me, this sport is new to you, but the US sent a team to compete in the world championship in 1989 and we won gold! Of course we tried again in the 90’s and lost badly, but who’s keeping score?

Aug 302011

Things have been strangely serouis around here lately. Sorry about that. Lets get back to what we do best, which is generally mocking things. Today I have a Philippino martial art called Kombatan.


If you missed it, the master in the video is Ernesto Presas, a tenth dan in Arnis and founder of Kombatan. He also has a magic amulet. He can sense attacks because his grandfather was blind. His magic amulet won’t work if he shows it to anyone. The art covers one stick, two sticks, knives, empty hand attacks, grappling, and throwing. And he has a magic amulet.




Jul 222011

Well its that time again, Hollywood decides to cash in on MMA by producing a movie that doesn’t really resemble mixed martial arts at all. This sets into action a very predictable set of events, first every local martial arts school will be clogged with a bunch of teens who’s first words will either be, “I want to be a cage fighter” (Shutter) or “I want to train UFC.”(grabs own hair to keep from head butting young person). In either case this results in the Internet being clogged by traditional martial arts teachers writing about the depredations of MMA competition, and whining by students at MMA schools about the place being over run by “Tap out kids”. The owners of the MMA schools don’t say much, they just write out their deposit slips and wait for Never Back Down 2 to come out!

Ok, as you might have figured out, the story is about four young wannabe fighters, a boxer, a clerk, a wrestler, and an young mma fighter (I guess one that isn’t very good). These young men trade clichés while training under a former MMA Champion to get ready for a competition that is run by a local college student (?!). I’d pick on the plot, but lets be honest, martial arts movies have never been burdened with deep story plots. Anyway, training, blah blah blah, teen angst, blah blah, some hot chick that is pretending to be in high school, blah blah, Lyoto Machida.
Yes, that is correct Lyoto Machida is appearing as himself to teach these rough and tumbled youths karate.
Anyway, Never Back Down II: The Beatdown comes out on September 13, and despite my misgivings, I’m going to keep an open mind about it for as long as I can.