Aug 222012

And in other news… Ronda Rousey beat Sarah Kaufman in Strike force. However, I have talked about that so much that I don’t feel like posting on that subject. Instead I offer you this short video.

See wasn’t that more fun?

May 102012

A valid question that all martial artists must ask themselves as they train. The second question is which street? Below is a video of real life street fight. Take a look and let me know if you think your martial arts can match either of the two men involved.


Good news friends, I think we will be alright this time. And if either of the two men are amoung my readers, please contact me and we’ll get some lessons set up for you.

Mar 262012

Found this interesting video on a Qigong master. In this video they use an infrared camera to measure the “energy” he puts out. Then like all good martial arts master, he dons a cape and does a few more tricks.

I was skeptical at first, but when I realized that he was also a super hero, it helped me put things into perspective. And after all, what better way for a doctor to prove his treatments work to walk across sheets of paper. I mean its directly applicable. But anyway still mighty interesting. I figure if I show Ki failing I should show some clips of it working too.

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Feb 202012

You might recall me making fun of the Gracie Rap “G in a Gi” that I posted a while back. Well not to be out done by the Gracies, Eddie Bravo, head of 10th Planet Jiu Jitsu has released his own Jiu Jitsu theamed rap.

If the Graices can create Jiu Jitsu, Eddie Bravo thinks he can improve it. If one of the Gracies thinks he can do a rap about Jiu Jitsu, then darn it, so can he. Watch out world, its about to get poorly planned in here.


Dec 132011

Not fighting birds, that’s stupid… I mean using birds as weapons!

Birdjitsu is an art rarely practiced in the states, and is no doubt heavily prosicuted by PETA. Nay sayers might ask if fighing with birds is practical. I will gladly point out there are very few places in the world without birds! heh, hope you enjoyed this one as much as I did.


Nov 212011

Most of us love MMA, and after Saturday’s UFC (139) Shogun vs Henderson, I can really say that. However there are some among us who find such extreme violence to be disturbing and foolish. (Mom, I am talking to you), and for the sake of not fighting over Thanksgiving, I can see some of their points. However there is another group of people who feel that MMA isn’t extreme enough. With all the points for take downs, breaks between rounds, wearing gloves, and referee stoppages, perhaps we need something more “Extreme!” You might remember my post of the X-Arm competion? Well fighters of this ilk have done it again with the advent of Shock Fighting.

 Here’s what you do, you attach a taser to each glove, and alakazam, the people who support the ban of MMA in New York suddenly sound much more sane. In mere MMA we only had to worry about broken bones, chokes, joint breakage, and concussions. Now we get to worry about several thousand volts of electricity! Is he tapping or just twitching? Who knows. Thanks to George for the tip. Hope you enjoyed.


Nov 192011

I have a philosophy with fighting. If it works, then its ok. Now there might be a better way of doing something. Hitting a nail with the head of the hammer works a little better then pounding it in with the handle, but it can be done, and in the end, its about results. The below video is challenging my point.

 I don’t know what country this is, or how this guy got a knife into a court room, but cop decides that the best way to deal with the situation is a two footed drop kick. I had someone ask me just the other day, “So if you were attacked with a knife, what you do?” I smiled at such a question and explained that my go to move was always a flying drop kick. I didn’t realize there were others out there that train in my secret art.
But on the other hand, he did save the hostage and didn’t even get cut…and I thats better then most martial artists I know. So starting Tuesday, I am going to start teaching this new disarming attack. I want my training to be as much like real life as I can.


Nov 152011

Really didn’t mean to ignore UFC 138 which marked the UFC’s first broadcast on regular tv. It did recieved more views then any UFC ever. Its amazing, if you go from charging $50 a view to free, more people will watch it. I’d say more on the subject, but I spent the day doing martial arts instead of watching martial arts, and totally forgot about it. So I’ve done what all of you have no doubt done, went to someone else’s blog and read what happened, so kind of pointless for me to plagiarize right now (not that I don’t admire plagiarizing).

Instead I want to talk about UFC 139. This of course features Dan Henderson vs Shogan Rua. Dispite the fact that this isn’t a title match, I am more excited about this fight then the last several hyped matches. Of course Henderson vs Shogan, but I’m even more pumped about Cung Le vs Wanderlei Silva and even moderately excited about the Urijah Faber vs Brian Bowles fight. More after the break


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Nov 012011

We have a rule in my house. You can say whatever you want as long as it is funny enough. This of course doesn’t end as well as you might think. Normally the trouble starts right around the point when I look at my wife and say, “Come on, why aren’t you laughing….that was funny!”

I guess it goes to prove just because something funny to you doesn’t mean your wife has a sense of humor doesn’t mean its funny to everyone. I think that Chael Sonnen is the same way. Now I’ve picked on the man alot, and I think that’s fair, but when ever he delivers his rants and taunts in a truely humorous way, it makes things ok again. I am sure that is a great relief to Chael Sonnen, knowing that we are cool again. You may not know this, but our blog commands great respect in certain circles. I mean the three people who read this Our constantly growing readership demand the respect of the mixed martial arts world.

Anyway, found this interview with Chael Sonnen.


 I love the way the interviewer will just stop and look at the camera after Sonnen will say something crazy. And holy rusted metal batman! He walks around at 217 and cuts to 185! That’s 32 pounds(for those of you who can’t do math in your head), If I cut 32 pounds they would have to cart me to the hospital! Well before I side tracked myself, as long as Chael Sonnen makes his remarks this funny, I think we can forgive some of them. Chael keeps trying to get the fight with Anderson Silva to happen Super Bowl weekend, but now that GSP and Nick Daiz are going to be fighting then (Oh, that’s happening, in case you didn’t hear), Dana White might not need the draw for that particular fight.

Oct 162011

No one has ever accused MMA of being too cerebral. One dude punches another until what little sense he has, rolls out onto the mat. However, there is an elite class of dumb that several fighters belong to, and though I would and could never attempt to map all the idiocracy that goes on, I did make a list of some of the funnier idiots.

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