Sep 212011

Looking through my old videos when I found this. Why can’t more companies make commercials like this. It couldn’t have been too much more expensive then what we normally get. Enjoy

Sep 202011

 Every martial art tends to venerate its founder. Those of us who grew up on a diet of martial arts movies and shows attribute almost supernatural powers to the old school masters. For example Chuck Norris can solve a rubix cube in one turn. Its true, I read it on the Internet. Bruce Lee can apparently defeat anybody at anything. His surviving students claim that if he had wanted to, he would have been one of the top three boxers in the world, and that he was really a great grappler, he just never taught it to anyone. No matter how you look at it, we had a time where there were some really great martial artist wondering the world. The question is always asked, how good a fighter were these men really. We hear about how awesome they were, how fast, how deadly, but who did they ever fight? So I’ve compiled a list of famous martial artists and their respective fighting records.

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Sep 142011

Here is an old martial art from India. You might have heard Kung fu fighters saying the Shaolin Temple is the source of all martial arts, well this martial art claims to be the parent of Shaolin kung fu.

 The style is called Kalarippayattu. That is 14 letters! Off the top of my head, Kalarippayattu wins the award for longest name in martial arts, easily edging  out Tae Kwon Do (9), Jiu Jitsu (8), Hapkido (7),  Karate (6),  Kendo (5), Judo (4), and Te (2).

Anyway the art comes from South India some time around the 11th century. Its training includes strikes, joint locks, throws, and extensive weapon usage. The style was even outlawed during the British occupation of India. This caused it to drop out of the public eye. I’ll let them and the Kung fu crowd fight over who parented who, but its kind of cool to see a martial art developed without interference of Japanese influence.

Sep 062011

Bruce Lee with a mustache, combining the world's two greatest natrual forces.

Apparently written martial arts content on the web is 80% about Aikido or Bruce Lee. The irony is by writing this post, I am not helping to balance the deficit. Anyway, unless you are a kung fu (or Jeet Kune Do student more likely), you didn’t realize the following contraversy even existed.



Back in 1964, before Bruce Lee had developed his own style of Jeet Kune do and was still mostly Wing Chun, he had issued a standing challenge that he could defeat any martial artist in San Francisco.  A kung fu master named Wong Jack Man answered this challenge with one of his own. At this point no one agrees what and why things happened other than they fought each other. According to Bruce Lee and his side, the Chinese martial artists were upset with him teaching martial arts to Americans. According to Jack Man Wong and his folks, they never really had a problem with race, and point to the fact that he currently had several non Chinese students at the time.

Jack Man Wong fight dancing his anger away.

One way or another they had their fight. No one died, and both claimed to be the clear victor. They also never managed to agree to the number of witnesses. Bruce Lee and his wife counted 13 people present, Wong counted only 7, and the only person all present coult agree on being there, a Tai Chi teacher master named William Chen, counted 15, and he couldn’t recall who else was there. He also said that the match was a draw. Bruce Lee and his camp said that he won in 3 minutes, Wong said he won, but it took 20 minutes, and I can’t find a time limit expressed by Chen.

Whoa, well I guess the lesson is we should be thankful for phones that can record video, and that trash talking isn’t new to martial arts. My personal feelings are that neither fighter did as well as they would have liked in the fight, and neither one is really telling the truth. As much as we hate judges and referees when we fight, they have their place.