Jul 182011

Get your hooks in, set up your choke...then bite your partner's neck

Punching people in the face or choking them out getting boring? It turns out that there is a martial art out there that is meaner and more painful sounding then the rest. Its called Kino mutai, a Filipino martial art that emphasizes biting but don’t worry, they also cover eye-gouging. Move over Krav Maga, there is someone gunning for the meanest martial arts award. In an interview for Black Belt Mag Harinder Singh, a teacher of the art had some interesting things to say.
He started off with normal common sense stuff, but his words on ground fighting were the most interesting. “When a larger man slams you to the ground you need to instantly put him in your guard and latch on. He’ll probably pick you up and slam you again. He’ll probably punch you in the side- you need to be able to take it, wait until he gets tired and then bite as soon as he runs out of gas. Exhausted, he won’t be able to escape or defend himself.”
So to summarize, let your larger attacker repeatedly slam you and punch you, then when he finally gets tired you bite him! Never saw that coming! Wikipedia says their main targets are the face, neck, ear, groin, and the nipple. *Taps out franticly*

I’m really waiting to see this on an episode of Fight Quest, but for now, at least you know that it exists. I’m also not rolling with new students who don’t wear mouth pieces either. You never know.