Oct 262011

I belive children are our future, unless we stop them now.


So impressive. I love the fact that the child looks so scary, but when he talks, you can tell he’s just a normal little boy. A normal little boy who moves with more grace while doing pad work then most fighters I know. I know this raises issues of how healthy it is for kids to be training like that, and we wonder if their father is pushing them too much, but there is also the chance they are loving it, and its good that a father spends that much time with his kids. I wonder if he’d adopt me?

Oct 082011


 Wow. Should have let mom take Johny to the tournament, Dad’s having trouble with his roid rage again. I understand tempers run high in things, but you don’t chuck other people’s kids around. How did this father see this ending, “Well sir, after you threw a 10 year old across the mat, we reconsidered and decided to let your son win.” Parents, don’t fight with children, please, you always come out looking bad.

Sep 272011


The video is titled “Kids Cage Fighting: Sport or Child abuse. I saw this news item, and I thought to myself, “Crap, has some nut job started trying to make money off of kids fighting?” So I watched the video…Well, the kids are in a MMA cage…and they are grappling, so I guess that counts as fighting. When we put that together, it is Cage…fighting. However, if you are anything like me, you pictured two kids beating each other bloody as a sinister crowd cheered in the background. In the video clip, these two boys don’t even get near a submission let alone hitting each other. It looked more like a wrestling match! But they did it in a ring while wearing rashguards! How much more can the American public take! Rashguards!

I love the anchorman, his questions inform you that he has no idea what he just watched, nor does anything being said to him sink in. It reminds me of how many people react to the idea of being an MMA fighter. They don’t really know what it is, but they are against it, like any uninformed concerned citizen would be.