Jul 192011


 Its really a shame that he was knocked out in his last match, otherwise Wanderlei Silva had promised to do something about Chael Sonnen. I’m sure if you were paying attention, you heard that Silva said “Sonnen is a Twitter fighter. Of course I’ll fight with him. He’s talking a lot. He do the wrong way for the promotion. He’s talking too much. Sometimes he talk about the wrong person, no? I need to talk to him again.”
Of course after his most recent loss to Chris Leben, everyone is wondering if Silva is headed for retirement rather than teaching noisy fighters lessons in manners.
Chael Sonnen is a truly colorful fighter, less for his fighting (which have netted him the rank of #2 middle weight in the world), and more for his trash talking and other shenanigans (thanks spell check) outside the ring.
First, you doubtless heard he was suspended after failing a drug test right after his fight with Anderson Silva. Now it turns out that he has a doctor’s note for getting test injections, so they cut the suspension time in half. Personally, I have the same affliction, mainly I would win fights more if I was on test too.
Second is his political bid to become a State Representative in Oregon’s House, District 37 as a Republican. I am sure the Republicans are thrilled to have you on board Mr. Sonnen. Of course this fail because of his money laundering conviction. Wait what?
Third, yes, confessed to money laundering. He also had his real estate license revoked. Now once again he managed to beat the rap and ducked the 20 year sentence that money laundering carries in Oregon instead getting probation.
Been a tough year for Mr Sonnen.