Aug 232012

If you watch the UFC, you know that the US Marine Corp sponsors the company. However a petition has been sent to the  Marine Commandant Gen. James Amos to drop sponsorship of UFC fights, which they  claim promote violence and bigotry. I’m not sure about the bigotry, but I think we can admit that there is violence in the UFC, but you think that would be a selling point to organization like the Marines. Interestingly enough, the petition isn’t coming from some sort of family based moral watch dog organization, or even a military oriented organization, its being pressed by UNITE HERE which is a labor union that represents  hotel, food service, and casino workers.

The head of the Union, said “I don’t follow the UFC and I don’t know the cast of characters, but when I see  the Marine Corps using them as recruitment vehicle and they’re using these  made-up characters to say things that I find personally disgusting, I’ve got to  take action, the Marine Corps should not be associated with  that.” Which really shows that he doesn’t know anything about the UFC or MMA in general and seems to be confusing it with Pro Wrestling. Sir, they don’t have a cast of made up characters…unless you are counting Chael Sonnon, but still no one asked him to act like that. It could also be because Frank and Lorenzo Fertitta who own the UFC also run a string of non union Casinos. In fact the Union admits that is really the main point. The line of logic is fantastic, “You aren’t union, but you should be. Therefore the Marines shouldn’t support you. Brilliant.

Now, in their defense, they point out that fighters often say really awful and stupid things either in interviews or through places like Twitter. And they are right, but have they looked at alot of Twitter posts? Its not exactly the source of balance and reason for our generation.

They also claim “We believe the homophobic and sexist statements of people associated with the  UFC are deeply at odds with the values of the Marine Corps and conflict with the  Defense Department’s stated commitment to tolerance and respect for diversity,” I think they are thinking about this incident.

But in the UFC’s defense, that was PRIDE, which was at the time a Japanese Company.

Thankfully, there has been no indication that the Marine Corp is planning to cut their UFC ads.


Mar 082012

Chael Sonnon has totally revolutionized trash talking in his own life time. Never again will fight match making be determined soley on where a fighter stands in the rankings, it will be based on each fighter’s aggressive PR campain.

To be honest, I think this attempt fell a little flat, I was hoping for something a little funnier, but you have to hand it to this guy he pursues his rematch with Anderson Silva with an energy that presidential candidates should envy. Continue reading »

Feb 012012

For the longest time this was becoming the Chael Sonnon Blog, since that dude spews enough mock-able content that it made my job fairly easy. But to be honest I have strayed away from him for a while, so I think its ok to reopen the wound subject.

Chael Sonnen is now saying that the long awaited rematch between himself and Anderson Silva will never happen. “I can guarantee you Anderson Silva and I will never cross paths again. Our business is done. We will not fight under any circumstances no matter how many rules or fake restraints he puts on it,” Sonnen said. “He’s not getting in the Octagon with me, ever.”

Dana White, (Head of the UFC) however says, “I 100-percent, right here, right now, guarantee you that if Chael Sonnen wins his fight, that Anderson Silva will fight Chael Sonnen this summer,”

In Sonnen’s defense, we have to take this with a grain of salt, nothing is ever sure in a sport like MMA, there are any number of things that could postpone a fight between the Champ and the man who claims to be the Champ, injuries, weather, failing more drug tests, missing press events (see Nick Diaz), or just twittering the wrong thing at the wrong time. These last three are a great danger to a man like Chael Sonnen, who has had issues with drug tests in the past, and is kind of a loose cannon when it comes to the things he says and does to generate PR. Video after the break.

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Dec 012011

We call that deceptive headlines. But I got you excited or at least confused didn’t I? Now I have you annoyed and confused. What I am really hoping for is that little bit of text will drive more traffic to the site…

But really, I found this video where ask a bunch of UFC fighters who they think is a better trash talker, Chael Sonnen or Mayhem Miller.

 Its nice to know that Chael has made such an impression in the minds of his peers. I really liked Stephan Bonnar’s real discomfort at being asked who was going to win in the Bisping vs Miller fight. I also feel like I want to shoot a real machine gun. We call that good ad placement.

Nov 082011

Funny, I remember being told by a karate instructor the exact same thing about Mixed Martial Artists. Chael Sonnon, noted first for his almost stand up comedian level trash talking, and second for being the only fighter in remembered history to almost beat UFC Champion Anderson Silva, has ramped up his rhetoric to include the whole fighting style of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

Sonnon: I’d say that I have better things to do than beat the guy across the cage from me with an inefficient and unsophisticated modern fad that help effeminate men feel tough. Jiu-Jitsu, Tae Bo, no difference. I prefer the ancient sports, like wrestling. If it wouldn’t show up in a Ridley Scott movie, I won’t do it.

Well Chael, you didn’t have to tap out… I mean you have been submitted 8 times so far… maybe they know something you don’t…

Sonnon: (When asked about his tendency to talk trash) I would call it divine inspiration. I am moved to rage poetry by the idiocy, hipocracy, and flat-out laughable people and situations that I see in MMA these days. I can’t NOT call them for what they are: idiots doing idiot things because they’re idiots.

Rage poety…heh… its like when I have to dance out my anger. I really wish I had a video to illistrate, but you are going to just have to picture it for me.

And my personal favorite

Sonnon: I would ban the triangle choke, the refuge of cowards everywhere.

I think that Sonnon must be cross training with Charley Sheen these days, because there is a simular…I don’t know, breed of crazy to their metaphor.
I’ve hit the highlights, but if you want to read the whole interview you can find it here. Thanks once again to Brandon for the tip!

Nov 022011

Found this little gem, Self Proclaimed “True” Middle weight UFC Champion Chael Sonnen against former UFC Champion Forrest Griffin back in 2003, before either one had fought in the UFC.

 So Sonnen doesn’t consider being choked out by Silva a loss, I wonder if he counts this one. Chael Sonnen is a great fighter, but apparently he has a weakness for being choked out. Of his 11 losses, 5 of those were due to chokes while in his opponent’s guard. Three more were armbars. Its kind of the classic wrestler vs Jiu Jitsu. They take the BJJ fighter down, and the BJJ guy reminds them that we are still dangerous on our backs. I think if I could have any UFC fighter to be my coach, I think I would pick Forrest Griffin. In fact, I wish Chael Sonnen and Forrest Griffin were having controversy instead of Anderson Silva. I think it would be much funnier. Chael Sonnen’s humorously full of himself ness verses Forrest Griffin’s humorusly self deprecation would be great. Even better, I want to watch the UFC sitting on a couch between Sonnen and Griffin, and we sit there and make fun of the fights! And I wouldn’t invite you because you aren’t cool enough.

Brandon, thanks for the link… I’d invite you.

Nov 012011

We have a rule in my house. You can say whatever you want as long as it is funny enough. This of course doesn’t end as well as you might think. Normally the trouble starts right around the point when I look at my wife and say, “Come on, why aren’t you laughing….that was funny!”

I guess it goes to prove just because something funny to you doesn’t mean your wife has a sense of humor doesn’t mean its funny to everyone. I think that Chael Sonnen is the same way. Now I’ve picked on the man alot, and I think that’s fair, but when ever he delivers his rants and taunts in a truely humorous way, it makes things ok again. I am sure that is a great relief to Chael Sonnen, knowing that we are cool again. You may not know this, but our blog commands great respect in certain circles. I mean the three people who read this Our constantly growing readership demand the respect of the mixed martial arts world.

Anyway, found this interview with Chael Sonnen.


 I love the way the interviewer will just stop and look at the camera after Sonnen will say something crazy. And holy rusted metal batman! He walks around at 217 and cuts to 185! That’s 32 pounds(for those of you who can’t do math in your head), If I cut 32 pounds they would have to cart me to the hospital! Well before I side tracked myself, as long as Chael Sonnen makes his remarks this funny, I think we can forgive some of them. Chael keeps trying to get the fight with Anderson Silva to happen Super Bowl weekend, but now that GSP and Nick Daiz are going to be fighting then (Oh, that’s happening, in case you didn’t hear), Dana White might not need the draw for that particular fight.

Oct 282011

 I know, I claimed I didn’t care about Chael Sonnen anymore, but he’s starting to get funny again. He did a radio interview the other day which was mildly amusing, Listen below.


 If you didn’t listen to it, here’s the highlights.

Sonnen’s plan is to slap Anderson Silva next time he sees him

He was planning on dumping a coke on Anderson’s head.

If he were Anderson Silva he wouldn’t put up with this kind of verbal abuse.

He is going to keep being annoying and he isn’t sorry.

Heh, as long as it stays funny I guess I’m game. Hope it doesn’t become a habit.

Oct 182011

So yeah, in MMA news, Chael Sonnen said “blah blah blah” And Anderson Silva’s manager fired back, “blah blah blah.” You know, the usual. Studies have shown that the average level of how much I care had fallen in recent weeks. So instead of reporting on whats happened lately, I instead offer this fictional account of a discussion between key players.

Chael Sonnen: I want to fight Anderson Silva again!
Dana White: Yeah, we already did that once, get in line.
Chael: But I almost won!
Dana: Almost.
Chael: I don’t consider that a loss!
Anderson Silva: Well you didn’t have to tap out. Dana, I decided I only want to do four more fights, then I’ve thought about becoming a pro boxer!
Dana: This is for both of you, no you can’t, and no one cares.
Chael: If you don’t give me a rematch I’ll TALK REALLY LOUD AND NEVER SHUT UP!
Dana: I already have the Diaz brothers to be obnoxious, find something else to be your thing.
Dana: Again, no one cares. And I’m not giving you a rematch just because you are loud.
Dana: Ignore him, maybe he’ll go away
Anderson: I’m going to go coach Lloto Machida for his fight with Jon Jones.
Dana: Good, you could learn something from those two yourself, at least people want to watch that match.
Anderson: But I’m the best fighter in the world.
Dana: I know, but no one wants to watch your matches.
Dana: Are you still here?!

And ah…that’s basically what’s been happening lately.

Oct 102011

The only thing worse than a guy with a big mouth, is one who has a big mouth and skills to back it up. After his victory over Brian Stann, Chael Sonnen said, “Anderson Silva, you suck!” now I missed what else he said (my brother was showing me some “break dance Jiu Jitsu moves”), but he said something insulting about Silva’s wife. Silva’s manager had this to say about Sonnen,”First the guy gets in trouble for fraud, then he tests positive for steroids, and now he wants to kick in someone’s door and slap their wife in the #$%,” Soares said. “This guy should be in jail; he shouldn’t be fighting.”

I would be more offended if this didn’t sound exactly like Clubber Lang from Rocky 3. I would like to point out to Mr Sonnen that unlike Rocky, Anderson Silva already beat him. You know that a fighter is good when everyone is excited that someone almost beat them. The funny thing about almost…it means you didn’t do it. If I were Anderson Silva, I don’t know if I would care to fight him again. There will always be another loud mouth out there calling for you. If I were him, I’d work on fighting John Jones. That would be a fight!