May 112012

I want to be a responsible for coming up with concepts for extreme sports. I think all you need to invent the next big thing (and by big thing, I mean one or two viral videos on youtube) is to have $30, a few crazy friends, and the reasoning skills of an eleven year old. Then you plug random words into the following sentence.

Wouldn’t it be cool if we took (insert sport) and added (insert cool noun)!

Some ideas I’ve come up with using this process are

Wouldn’t it be cool if we took sking and added Rocket Launchers!

Wouldn’t it be cool if we took baseball and added motorcycles!

Wouldn’t it be cool if we took hunting and added the Statue of Liberty!

As you can see, it works. Well it seems I’m not the only one who thinks so, apparently even back in 1949 they were doing this, and without the aid of the Internet…and that’s just silly. I give you blind folded boxing.

Now the girl who walks around and smacks you if you aren’t being aggressive enough is awesome.

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Mar 192012

As a martial arts instructor, I have found the growing popularity of the UFC and MMA on a whole to be really helpful in marketing and heck, just talking about my martial arts. People know what Kick boxing is, or what Brazilian Jiu Jitsu means. When I say Judo, I don’t receive nearly the amount of blank stares I used to get.

I read an article in Black belt magazine where Bill “Superfoot” Wallace said that MMA was a fad that would burn out soon. Of all the old martial arts greats, I tend to agree with Superfoot the most. However on this issue, it sounds like traditional martial artist denial. During the 1980s when the ninja craze hit, everyone was jumping on the ninja band wagon. Ninja turtle rip off logos were seen in dojos, everyone was teaching swords, nunchaku, and sai, even if their martial art didn’t include them. But MMA is different. It didn’t try to simply market itself to kids and nerds. It tried to get the respectability of boxing, with the mystic of martial arts. It wasn’t enough to get Tiger Claw and Century to sponsor things it worked to get sponsors outside of the martial arts world. It even recruited fighters from outside the martial arts world! It created an environment that made adults want to watch and kids dream of participating. More after the jump

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Feb 162012

Ladies and gentlemen, trying to come up with something to mock all the time is difficult. But if I gave up, who would floss the dark cavities of the Internet to bring you these little nuggets of joy from where ever they have lodged themselves?

Representing Shelby NC! This man claimed to be an undefeated street fighter. And as we martial artists are told by people on a regular basis, “Yeah, your moves might be find in the ring, but its a different story in the street.”

Yeah, the people we fight are actually trained. This dude actually had another fight after this one, also knocked out. Can’t figure it, you would think that the ‘stash would have given him an advantage.



Nov 262011

Jon Jones is fighting Llyoto Machida for the light heavy weight title in the UFC at UFC 140 (December 10th). To help him get ready, he is working with top female boxer Holly Holm, to work on his striking skills. Ladies please don’t hate me that I find this news note worthy. There was a time when the idea of top male fighter working with a women fighter would have been absurd. I am personally thrilled that women have stepped it up and have honed their skills to this level finally. Below is a short video of them sparring.

 You can tell from the flashes that this was more of a press event then a real work out, but still to all you skeptics out there, if Greg Jackson and Jon Jones realize the fighting potential women have, there’s nothing left to argue with.

Nov 222011

I have often thought, you know, fighting MMA is so easy, its not even worth the challenge. I need to take up a sport that (such as Shock fighting or extreme arm wrestling) is more then simply having to worry about, punches, kicks, knees, takedowns, joint locks and chokes. And according to Zab Judah, the answer is boxing. Watch the below video, (its short you bunch of sissy’s!)

 More mocking after the break

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Oct 312011

I know, a double post on a Monday? Calm yourselves, the world isn’t ending. Sometimes change can be a good thing.
I guess I should preface this. The best unarmed zombie fighting martial arts. I know you are thinking, “Who in their right minds fights zombies unarmed.” I counter with, “Zombies aren’t real! So logic plays a very loose role here. Idiot!” …Sorry about that last remark, I get emotional when I talk about zombies.

Here are the basic ground rules.

1. If you get bitten, you die and become a zombie

2. To kill a zombie you have to some how destroy its brain, although severing its spine will stop its body.

3. These are running zombies, not the really slow shuffling zombies.

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Oct 052011

MMA will never be legal until we figure out what it is!

I’ve never personally understood why the Boxing Commissions get to regulate and over see MMA. In both sports you punch people…and thats about it. The rules and the rings are different, the injuries have a much greater scope. Great idea: Why don’t we have a MMA Commission! Well anyway, the NY Boxing commission is all upset investigating a show in upstate New York and claim they have a video of MMA fighting going on. The supposed MMA event happened August 20th at the Lake George Forum, but I guess no one realized until now.  If you didn’t know, New York is one of the remaining states that does not allow MMA events. What happened at the event (based on the blogs that covered the event before the NY Boxing commission even said anything) said there were 15 matches, Boxing, Kick boxing, and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu respectively, all of which are legal in NY right now. The blogs even go as far as to break down each portion and talk about the results. Apparently the Boxing Commission thinks that its MMA any time you have people from different martial arts fighting, regardless of the rules of the match, I think they believe MMA is a question of proximity. I can’t find a link for the video(if someone finds it, shoot me a link) , but it appears to be another case of people not being sure exactly what an MMA match is, but they are completely against it (whatever IT might be). The best part about this is that the boxing commissions across the country claim authority over MMA events, but they don’t know what they look like…Really guys? Really?

Oct 032011


 …wow, its…just wow. If you haven’t watched the video, I don’t know if words can describe what we just witnessed…ah…have you ever woken up in the middle of the night and said to yourself do you know what we need, something more violent then MMA? Something manly. Arm Wrestling is manly, but do you know what else is manly? Punching the snot out of the other guy while you arm wrestle him!

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Aug 212011

Recently a study was released by using FBI statistics of fights from 1996 to 2000. The findings were really surprising.
First off if you divide the fights by which martial art was present, I was pleased to see that in any given fight, a karate fighter (with no kick boxing experience) knocked their opponent out 19% of the time. This was trumped by boxers with an overall knock out rate of 20%. Of course its interesting to note that in any case where alcohol was present, the boxers had a 90% KO rate. And despite the fact boxers train with gloves and wraps, and in the study, all of these fighters were bare fisted, the boxers only suffered hand injuries 10% of the time.
However, the king of this study was kick boxers. They netted a whopping 36% knock out rate! On top of that, the dominate attack that was used to deliver the knock out was a kick!

Now let me go ahead and add a disclaimer, when crime reports are filled out, there is the great chance that tae kwon do is miss reported as karate, or an MMA fighter is reported as a kick boxer etc. That said what I really found mind blowing about this article was its departure from classic self defense wisdom. First, martial arts that focus on competition aren’t useful in real life situations and second, kicks to the head are unrealistic! All other martial arts in the study showed up so rarely that no worth while statistics could be gleaned from them.

The rest of the study was interesting, but kind of outside the scope of our blog. Things like what percent of people were stabbed with a bottle (7% by the way). So I guess the lesson here is keep an open mind in your training, and a good old fashion punch or kick to the head is still a great way to end a fight.