Jan 102012

In South Korea, there is a Buddhist temple called Beomeosa ( which means “Temple of the Nirvana Fish” and no, I am not making this stuff up),which was built 1400 years ago. This temple is notable for teaching its monks a martial art called Sunmudo. These monks became famous when they helped defeat the invading Japanese army in the 1500’s under Shogun Hideyoshi. (That is to say the army was under the command of Hideyoshi, not the monks. Not really sure who commanded the monks. So stop interrupting ya goon!) They slipped out of history until Japan, being really stubborn about wanting to own Korea, invaded again in during World War II. The monks were all like, “Oh no you don’t!” and used their temple as a base for the underground resistance

Anyway its all about wide movements and jumping. The new master (last one recently died) decided that the martial art should be offered to the public, which is expressly against the wishes of the late master. When asked about this, the current master, monk Ando  “Absolutely, he would not be happy, he’d think my actions were too outlandish. I’d probably get the paddle.”

But that doesn’t stop him from building training centers in Korea and planning one to be built in Los Angeles. I guess that’s where he’d add “Cause I’m the master now!” but knowing these people, he’d probably just think it quietly to himself.

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