Dec 142011

Tell me that isn't kind of a fat kind of way.

Am I weird for wishing that more Sumo would come and fight MMA?

Don’t answer that.

I look at Sumo Wrestlers and I see martial artists with alot in common to today’s Combat Sport fighters. They live in their training camps, they focus solely on training and…heh…shaping their bodies to compete, and they are plagued by accusations of corruption and steroid usage. You may remember my article on them earlier this year

People like to point out that they haven’t done very well in MMA up until this point, but I want to point out that there have only been three Sumo to try so far. That really doesn’t give you a good picture of how the fighting style would do. I mean heck, pro wrestlers manage to do well, yes Brock, I am thinking of you, so why not Sumo? More after the break

Anyway, I was thinking about Sumo last night and it lead to watching the matches that Sumo have had in MMA. I thought it would be fun to make fun of them together.

First up is Brazilian Jiu Jitsu master Royce Gracie vs Akebono, who is an American/Japanese Sumo Champion. This fight was for K1.

Master Gracie will have to forgive me for thinking that perhaps fighting from guard is not the best choice for fighting a 500+lb man. I think he could just sit on you for a tap out. But my hat is off to him for doing an Omoplata while being crushed.

Next up is Emanuel Yarbrough Vs Daiju Takase

This one was for Pride. Oh where to start with this one. I know we all joke about fighting a big guy like this, that we would just run around in a circle until he got tired, but really? Daiju Takase is jogging most of this match! And have neither of these fighters ever heard of covering their heads? But I think what is best about this match is the announcers. Never again will I be less than thankful to Joe Rogan for his coverage of the UFC. These idiots don’t seem to know anything about anything! Did you catch the one guy keep saying that the best move to pull on a Sumo is a flying triangle choke? Listen, if you can’t catch guard, you have no business tring to flying triangle someone. Anyway towards the end, I love that Daiju Takase decides the best thing to do with a 600 lb man is to try to single leg him?

Reguardless, if you can get someone to teach a sumo to box, I would pay to see that fight. You hear me Dana?


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