Aug 292011

Luiz Cane vs. Stanislav Nedkov

Moments before....

Really good fight this past Saturday in UFC 134. Good exchanges, good finish. The fight finishes and his team mates drape him in his country’s flag (Bulgaria) around his shoulders. Now if you didn’t see the fight, I’ll tell you that he had a pretty bloody nose. Anyway, he stands there amoment, then wipes his nose on the flag. At first I thought, “Hey give the guy a break, he’s tired and most likely doesn’t even realize what he did.” Then Kenny Florian comes up to interview him, and he does it again….and again. Must have been 14+ times he wipes his face and blows his nose on his own country’s flag. Now I know that different counties have different ways of showing respect, but if an American fighter did that you could expect the referee to take a swing at you. Anyway that was weird.

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