Jan 162012

You may or may not have heard about Gina Carano starring in the upcoming movie Haywire. Gina Carano was the ranked third pound for pound when she retired from MMA, and suffered her only loss to Cristiane “Cyborg” Santos. So she is an exceptional fighter, and a lady fighter that still looks like a lady. There is some talk about trying to get her to return to MMA to fight Cyborg once she returns from her drug suspension. Honestly, I don’t know what she has to prove anymore, and if she can make some money making movies, that’s the course I would chose if I were her.

Anyway this brings me to my point, her voice isn’t being featured in her much hyped movie!

Yeah, for some reason they are voicing over her lines! When asked about she said

“Yeah absolutely and I’m surprised that hasn’t come up sooner. Stephen Soderberg wanted Mallory Kane [the character she plays in the movie] to be a completely different entity than Gina Carano. So he definitely went in and I went in to AVR and he did some tweaking. We all knew that that was going to come up because people know me so well in the MMA world. But he is quite a genius in what he has created and it still was an honor to be a part of it.

Even though it might not sound exactly like me, there are still parts of me that are in there. But he just wanted to make sure that that entity was completely different from myself…Yeah, everyone was a little curious about that. And I don’t blame anyone for being curious about it. But if I was bald and they had given me the voice of Bill Clinton I still would have done the movie”

Good for you Gina for puting the brave face on it, but it sounds like something else is going on. I don’t know if Gina can’t act or what, but somehow I doubt they just wanted to make her sound less like Gina Carano.



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