Oct 252011

I’m really behind in MMA News. My excuse is that I’ve been getting myself and my team ready for the NC Grappling Open, so I’ve been out of touch. I have to give a quick plug to the people who put that tournament on, The Good Fight. They run the tightest tournament I’ve fought at. When it comes to grappling, I don’t care if its Judo Jiu Jitsu or what, I almost always have a six to eight hour weight to fight. This event had us trucking along and finished in the time it normally takes to fight my second match (they also have awesome medals). So Good fight, I salute you.

Things you most likely already knew, but I just found out.

GSP is hurt and won’t be fighting at the next UFC. His opponent Carlos Condit, will also be sitting out until GSP’s knee is recovered.

Kenny Florian is going to be returning to the light weight division of the UFC (back from bantamweight)

BJ Penn and Nick Diaz will be the new headliner at UFC 137, and dispite alot of talk, it will still be three rounds not five.

Roy “big country” Nelson is looking smaller! Or Forrest Griffin is getting bigger. I don’t know. I am really hoping its the latter. Thanks to Will for the find.

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