Sep 302011

Tae Kwon Do takes its share of mockery in the martial arts world. The Combat sports people like to pick on if for the lack of contact, the Traditional crowd claims they are too sport orinted, and the Reality self defense dudes say that the high kicks wouldn’t work in real life. Like any martial art, there is plenty to be made fun of in TKD. However, I don’t feel like poking them, not today. You see I repect TKD for a very simple reason. They are very good at what they d. It doesn’t matter if you like BJJ people, you have to hand it to them, they can grapple. Judo folks can throw. Boxers can hit hard and slip punches like no body’s business. Alot of martial arts don’t seem to be too good at anything. Every time I hear a martial arts instructor picking on another martial art, I want to interupt and ask, “So what do you do?” Tae Kwon Do people can kick like a… crazy…kicking…thing, and they can do it while someone else is try to hit them.

Here’s a video of some awesome TKD. There is a music track, so you can listen or mute it as you choose.

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