Dec 272011

Most martial arts have a veritably infinite supply of defensive moves against attacks that we would never use on an opponent. It always leads me to wonder why we have spent so much time developing defenses to stupid moves. I’m pretty good at defeating dumb attackers myself, but its the athletic intelligent attackers that always give me a moment’s pause. Here’s a list 5 awesomely unnecessary defenses to equally stupid attacks. After the break

The double hand grab defense

Your opponent is dumb enough to grab one of your hands with both of his hands, and instead of saying “thank you” and proceeding to bash his face in, we will enter into a multi step process to free our arm and… what? Then I guess we need another video to deal with the punches we can expect from his newly freed fists.
Defense against double hand grab from behind

Ok, we have all been there. An attacker walks up behind you. Doesn’t hit you, choke you, or even try to take you to the ground  (that would be silly). Instead he… manages to grab both the your wrists (which is a feat in itself) and he is mostly trying to…hold them. Naturally the defense to this is to…(at least according to this video) pull your arms free, then hit him…who would have guessed. Thank you sifu.
Double handed choke from behind

I am not convinced that you can really even choke someone from this position, but thankfully, we have a defense against it anyway!
And because no course of self defense would be complete without it
Defense against Hand Shakes

If there is one thing all of us have nightmares about, its people trying to shake our hands. But thankfully tell them, “I’m a black belt mister! You shake my hand and you will be sorry!” You’d think I’d use the self defense main stay, the kick to the crouch, but no, any simple problem can be turned into something more by a qualified martial artist.

Defense against a two handed front choke

I have been choked out several times during my time as a martial artist, and never has anyone ever gotten close with a two handed choke. In fact, very few people have ever tried it, since it one of the worst things you can do in a fight. The martial arts minds have met and in this video have decided to educate the public with how to defend yourself against an unarmed attacker while you are armed only with a metal stick. Now where I live this is called assault with a weapon, but in some places its called self defense.
I’m not trying to be a jerk… ok I am, but only to make a point. Why do we spend so much time and effort coming up with endless defenses to attacks that no one in their right mind would feel threatened by? Because the really dangerous attacks…well, they are hard to defend. The smart martial artist does his best to never get to those places. So if you have a cool defense, please post it up so people can learn it. If not, stop charging your students and wasting their time teaching them to defend against weak and stupid attacks.



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