Oct 042011

The more you sweat in the gym, the less you bleed in the ring. Sounds like common sense. When you see fighters like George St Pierre or Randy Couture, it seems like they are proving the point. Many fighters look like the action figures I owned growing up. Roy “Big Country” Nelson looks more like a dude I would be running from at a rest stop then someone we’d be watching in the UFC (no offense Mr Nelson).

My crane style defeats your tiger style

Standing six feet tall and weighing in at 260 of not at all ripped muscle, Big Country has managed to somehow snag himself a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Black belt from no less than Renzo Gracie without managing to look the least in shape. I guess he kind of settles the question of whether martial arts will improve your health and help you loose weight. Now just to make this picture a little weirder, listen up traditionalists, Big Country started his martial arts training with years of Shaolin Kung Fu, so there is no use blaming Combat sports for him. Everyone wants to lay claim to fighters like George St Pierre, the wrestlers like to claim him for his talent there, BJJ folks claim him for his BJJ black belt, and the Traditional karate circles are so proud that he is proud of his kyokushin karate black belt. I haven’t heard of an out pouring of support from the Shaolin Temple.

The Future of the Sport

I guess the group Nelson appeals to is the common man. You know the one, the one who hears you do martial arts and tells you “Yeah, while you do all those pretty kicks I’ll just knock you slap out!”  or when you are drinking a protein shake, he raises his ever present beer can and says, “This is my energy drink.” Or the one who sees you with your shirt off and thinks, “You’ve got a six pack, I’ve got a keg.” is still funny. Of course a few seconds later you’ll see him walk past with an engine block on his shoulder or he’ll tackle a cow for fun. Your eyes get a little wide and you decide that in a fight you will never let that man catch you. So, Mr Roy “Big Country” Nelson, I salute you as a true American, sometimes goofy, definitely fat, but surprising good at what you do.

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