Mar 262012

Found this interesting video on a Qigong master. In this video they use an infrared camera to measure the “energy” he puts out. Then like all good martial arts master, he dons a cape and does a few more tricks.

I was skeptical at first, but when I realized that he was also a super hero, it helped me put things into perspective. And after all, what better way for a doctor to prove his treatments work to walk across sheets of paper. I mean its directly applicable. But anyway still mighty interesting. I figure if I show Ki failing I should show some clips of it working too.

Of course I wouldn’t want anyone to think that I have a fair and unbiased opion of this.

So I had to include this one too. Honestly I can’t tell the difference between this video of some Brazilian Jiu Jitsu guys making fun of ki knock outs and the real thing.  I really liked the ki armbar in there. Five points to them.

You can no defeat when I wear energy cape!




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