Nov 272011

Its a big day here at From the Guard. No, trash day isn’t until Wednesday, and my anniversary isn’t until the third. Today marks our 100th blog post! I know you have all been counting and no doubt have some sort of grand gesture in store for us, but before you embarrass yourselves, I just want to remind you that I would do this just to make people happy. And for money. Scratch that, I would just do this for money. Save your thanks and send money. But if this blog makes you happy, heck I’m ok that with too.
Today I have a video dealing with Preemptive self defense.

 Its a difficult subject to be sure. I think like most things, as long as its funny, and not at my expense I think it should be not only legal, but supported with tax payer money. Bam! Just went political on you!


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