Aug 012011


How could we forget, the Henderson vs Fedor fight Saturday? In case you missed it, Henderson won by KO in the first round. Despite being smaller, Henderson seemed to be controlling Fedor against the cage surprisingly better than I would have assumed. Once they hit the mat however, Henderson appeared to be in trouble on the ground, and then an instant later he pulled free and hit Fedor right in the chin from behind. Fedor went limp and fell face-first to the mat. Now Fedor claims that they stopped the match too soon, but he kind of looked limp to me.


This was one of those matches that you have a hard time dealing with since you kind of want both fighters to win. Being American, I of course want the American to win, and I like Dan Henderson in anycase. On the other hand as a martial artist, it hurts my feelings to see a legend lose again. We all want to see these great fighters rise to preeminence again. Now that he’s lost three matches in a row, everyone seems to be talking like the man is dead and buried. And it may be true, I sure hope not, but it might be the last we see of him fighting over here in the USA.

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