Feb 142012

After losing to decision in his fight with Carlos Condit, many people felt that Nick Diaz deserved a rematch, well mostly Nick Diaz, but I am sure his brother, and most of his trainers felt the same way. In any case, Dana White had everything set to allow such a match…until the drug screenings came out and Nick Diaz tested positive for marijuana. Now it might be a while before Diaz gets to fight either Condit or GSP.

The Diaz brothers have a history of doing things their own way. Mainly by not doing things. This will make the third weed related issue in Nick Diaz’s career. When asked if marijuana was getting in the way of his MMA success Diaz said, “Actually, on the contrary, my fight career has gotten in the way of my marijuana smoking.” Its good to know there are roll models like this out there.

Despite many people’s low opinions of Nick Diaz’s intelligence, he personally thinks that he is quite clever in 2009 he went on the record to tell everyone how he could easily defeat athletic commission drug testing. I have an easy way to deal with [the drug tests].

“I can pass a drug test in eight days with herbal cleansers. I drink 10 pounds
of water and sweat out 10 pounds of water every day. I’ll be fine.”

Because I am captain of this brainship and I can single handily defeat science using only Walmart herbs and water. Its fools proof!

When you combine his past difficulty with the UFC, refusing to appear at press events and such, and now his is bound to get a six month suspension (normally pot only carries a 3 month suspension, but some bright guy has been caught repeatedly before) it wouldn’t be surprising if no one feels like catering to his brand of crazy anymore.

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