Jul 192011

The only thing I like more than reading a good article in a martial arts magizine is to read the ads. The article is always about something boring like how to do better drills for kicking, or a new take on a choke, but the ads are where the real juice stuff lies. Ladies and gentlemen, we have been doing it wrong all this time. Just imagine if you could break boards and bend steel? What if you could do it without even breaking a sweat? You do it by mastering your MIND POWER. Yes my friends, this is the words right out of ad for the martial power summit taught by Scott Bolan

I didn’t know Charlie Sheen had a brother who did martial arts! Basicly Mr Sheen Mr Bolan is working of the old martial arts ideas of ki (or chi) to make ourselves into superheroes. For a price he will teach you “information that’s not being shared at the McDojos, McSchools, McOprahs, McBookstores, and McSundaySchools…” (and yes that is a quote from his website). We martial artists love to complain about “McDojos”, but I am glad someone is finally bringing up the subject of McOprahs. This is the silent killer of our times. Now if you didn’t get an image of a red wig wearing Oprah in yellow and white strips with a red clown nose offering you advice….well I’ll bet the image is there now, heh. I’m also not sure what a McSunday School is. I am guessing he’s refering to the flood of high cost/low value VBS classes that are cropping up across the nation. I know! That’s where McOprah teaches!

If its all the same to you, I’ll just keep hitting the bag, lifting weights, and training with my partners ’cause I’m ”¬†one of those egotistical self-righteous paranoid freaks who are afraid of information” (Real quote! I don’t spell well enough to make this stuff up)

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