Jul 222011

Well its that time again, Hollywood decides to cash in on MMA by producing a movie that doesn’t really resemble mixed martial arts at all. This sets into action a very predictable set of events, first every local martial arts school will be clogged with a bunch of teens who’s first words will either be, “I want to be a cage fighter” (Shutter) or “I want to train UFC.”(grabs own hair to keep from head butting young person). In either case this results in the Internet being clogged by traditional martial arts teachers writing about the depredations of MMA competition, and whining by students at MMA schools about the place being over run by “Tap out kids”. The owners of the MMA schools don’t say much, they just write out their deposit slips and wait for Never Back Down 2 to come out!

Ok, as you might have figured out, the story is about four young wannabe fighters, a boxer, a clerk, a wrestler, and an young mma fighter (I guess one that isn’t very good). These young men trade clichés while training under a former MMA Champion to get ready for a competition that is run by a local college student (?!). I’d pick on the plot, but lets be honest, martial arts movies have never been burdened with deep story plots. Anyway, training, blah blah blah, teen angst, blah blah, some hot chick that is pretending to be in high school, blah blah, Lyoto Machida.
Yes, that is correct Lyoto Machida is appearing as himself to teach these rough and tumbled youths karate.
Anyway, Never Back Down II: The Beatdown comes out on September 13, and despite my misgivings, I’m going to keep an open mind about it for as long as I can.

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