Oct 312011

The only remaining master of the Indian martial art Shastar Vidya, master Nihang Nidar Singh is looking for an heir to the style. Singh has many students around Europe, but he claims that the most advanced students he has have only just reached the point where they can fight him without being hurt. I assume because their beards are no match for his yet.

Shastar Vidiya

 More after the beard…err..break

Nidar Singh says that he has travelled around looking for other masters, and has found only four others in his travels, however, all were older, and all are presently dead. He says he is still looking for an existing master, or at least a promising young student willing to dedicate his life and his facial hair to the martial art.

I am watching you with my crazy eye!


Its going to be an uphill fight. Its hard to find students that want to train in a weapon based martial art in a time period where carrying most weapons are illegal, and if one is allowed to carry a weapon, most of us would chose a gun. Some of the aspects of the martial art include, building shelters, finding food for one’s horse, and I am going to assume how to travel around like a walking arsenal without being arrested.

If you look this guy up, he come across as pretty darn cool. Here’s a short video he did for the local news.


Anyway, good luck on finding heir. If you are interested, contact him at his website here Thanks to George for the tip.


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