Oct 132011

I’m excited about the announcement of Jon Jones fighting Lyoto Machida in UFC 140. I love that Machida is an old school karate fighter. What did he say about the fight? “I guarantee on December 10, I will very well prepared, and I can overcome his athleticism with my technique,”
Wow, spoken like a true karate master with absolute confidence in his training. It also looks like Anderson Silva will be helping him train for the fight, which is the best news I’ve heard in a while for Machida.

Jones is a stand up guy too. He’s happy to be fighting Machida dispite really wanting to face Rashad Evens. He said “”I would prefer each fight to be a little more respectful. It is martial arts.” He also said “I realize what I could lose in the fight that’s in front of me,” And admitted he had never fought someone like Machida.

I am just saying, I think this could be a great match. I am keeping my fingers crossed.

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