Aug 302011

Wow, first off most of us Americans think that if you are from Japan you must know some sort of martial art, Japan is trying to make that a reality! +10 points to Japan because they are going to make Judo required in school!

I’m having trouble embedding this video so follow the link….I’ll wait.

Judo in Japanese schools

Anyway people are concerned about the safety of Judo. Apparently in Japan in the last 30 years they have had 114 child deaths from judo and another 261 have been seriously injured. I would question how many deaths and injuries have resulted from soccer or football, on the other hand these are not required sports.

I doubt that I myself or since this is a martial arts blog, and therefore most of you reading this are or are in favor of martial artists, can really be fair when examining this issue. On the one hand I see the good martial arts have done in my life, but on the other hand, I have to say that the worst injuries I’ve received have been from Judo. I don’t know if people should be forced into learning martial arts. If you watched the video the man from the education ministry says that he can promise there will be no more deaths or injuries….I don’t know how anyone can make that kind of claim. We can’t do that with anything else in life, I doubt we can do that with Judo.

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