Nov 012011

We have a rule in my house. You can say whatever you want as long as it is funny enough. This of course doesn’t end as well as you might think. Normally the trouble starts right around the point when I look at my wife and say, “Come on, why aren’t you laughing….that was funny!”

I guess it goes to prove just because something funny to you doesn’t mean your wife has a sense of humor doesn’t mean its funny to everyone. I think that Chael Sonnen is the same way. Now I’ve picked on the man alot, and I think that’s fair, but when ever he delivers his rants and taunts in a truely humorous way, it makes things ok again. I am sure that is a great relief to Chael Sonnen, knowing that we are cool again. You may not know this, but our blog commands great respect in certain circles. I mean the three people who read this Our constantly growing readership demand the respect of the mixed martial arts world.

Anyway, found this interview with Chael Sonnen.


 I love the way the interviewer will just stop and look at the camera after Sonnen will say something crazy. And holy rusted metal batman! He walks around at 217 and cuts to 185! That’s 32 pounds(for those of you who can’t do math in your head), If I cut 32 pounds they would have to cart me to the hospital! Well before I side tracked myself, as long as Chael Sonnen makes his remarks this funny, I think we can forgive some of them. Chael keeps trying to get the fight with Anderson Silva to happen Super Bowl weekend, but now that GSP and Nick Daiz are going to be fighting then (Oh, that’s happening, in case you didn’t hear), Dana White might not need the draw for that particular fight.

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