Feb 242012

Although you may not know it, Iran’s nuclear ambition isn’t the only thing that is threatening our nation’s security. Indeed, we have defenses in place that can shoot down plans and missiles, but frankly, most of the Western world is unprepared to deal with Iran’s Ninja Army.

Yeah I know. Ninjas, there goes the neighborhood. If the rest of the world won’t sell Iran cutting edge technology, they decided to dig up some old world war-craft on us. Best part about this is what their stated mission for teaching women ninjutsu. Not to help the women gain personal safety, not to empower them, but no, to defend the nation against outside aggressors.  “We train women to have strength and ability. We have to do everything in our power to protect our homeland,” said Akbar Faraji, who runs the school.  “Our aim is for Iranian women to be strengthened and if a problem arises, we will definitely declare our readiness to defend our Islamic homeland.”

Well I guess ninjutsu is the perfect for them, its the only martial art that already makes its fighters train in a burka.

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