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Tying your belt is one of the simplest things a martial artist learns to do. This skill will help you with nothing in real life. I can think of nothing other then your martial art’s belt that you will use the knot you learn, but ironically, any martial art touched by Japanese martial culture ties them pretty much the same.

For a few martial arts, the belt (obi) is used to fight with, but for the rest, its a cheap piece of cotton that mostly says “Dude, I am better then you.”
Of course sensei’s around the world will gasp and mentally round kick me in the head, but lets face it, if it wasn’t to rub the fact that you are higher ranking in someone else’s face, we would all receive a card to keep in our wallets, that way we could identify ourselves in the rare event that someone cared what rank we were and allow us to avoid the deadly sin of hubris (that’s pride for those of you who slept through school).

No matter what your rank, and no matter what your skill, nothing kills your martial arts credibility like tying your belt wrong. Its like writing a wonderfully well reasoned and eloquent paper, no matter how awesome your thought, your point will be dismissed out of hand because you misspelled a word. As a public service to you, I am presenting you with skills that will blow the socks off your martial comrades.

Three different ways to tie your belt!

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Method 1: crossing

This is the method I use. There’s nothing great about it. It ties your belt, and I’ve done it so many times that I don’t think about it at all any more. Interesting note, the first time you go to tie a belt on someone else, fear grips you as you suddenly forget how to do what you have done one thousand times before.

Method 2, wrap around.

Slightly less common then the crossing method. It gives your belt a sleek look. Its the polish that makes the yellow belt in class know that you are truly a better martial artist then he is, and until some one teaches him this trick (yeah right) he will continue to be nothing more than a dabbler.


Method 3: Double up

For those higher ranking belts out there: you want to look sleek, but you aren’t going to take the time to wined the belt around yourself, no, you are a busy man! Practically a ninja! Let the rank and file martial artists tie their belts as they will!  You belong to the martial elite, and your belt tying skills mark you as such.

So it doesn’t matter if someone takes you down, kicks you in the head, chokes you out. You might be taking a nap on the mat, but you look good doing it!



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