Sep 262011
MMA with a hint of nerd

If you read this blog, you most likely like to fight, or at least are interested in fighting. Some of you might even compete in competitions that are definately borderline stupid. However there is a breed of person out there who is trying to out do us all in terms of reckless violence. Called Fight Club Sadisco, in Arizona, which as they bill it, is an annual underground event…does it count as underground if everyone knows about it? They claim they try to keep things as close to the book (Fight Club by Chuck Palahniuk) as they can, so there are no gloves, no declared winner, and no cash prizes… oh and they fight in a make shift cage on cardboard. Want to watch? Of course that is $11 a head. Forgive me for pointing out that this is completely besides the point ofthe book.

So basically, you get the fun of getting the tar hammered out of you, for free, on cardboard, while someone makes money off of your stupidity. I would like to point out that there are venues where you can fight and GET PAID to do so. I could almost understand this kind of thing if MMA was illegal, but it isn’t! And MMA gloves and mouth guards aren’t that bad! Really! I guess I am the only one who is a fan of having front teeth! But I guess if you just want to get hurt for free knock your self out.

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