Dec 162011

Dragon Ball Z is close to the hearts of alot of adult martial artists. The Japanese anime series was started in 1989 and finished in 1995. So depending on your age, it might have been your first taste of martial arts, or it might have simply served to help inspire you to do your pushups. It was also known to cause seasures in certain people. It also annoyed parents.

So it isn’t surprising that this generation of fighters in the UFC can trace their martial ambitions to DBZ. In a recent interview, Marcus Brimage (one of the winners of the Ulimate Fighter TV show) claims that it was the reason he started training.

When asked what started him off fighting he said, “I was in Alabama, and I just basically had all these ambitions because of Dragon Ball Z. I mean, dude, c’mon, you’ve seen it. The fights are unreal…I was like, ‘Oh my God!’ I knew I had to watch this cartoon. It was off the chain. It motivated me. I felt that I really wanted to learn how to do that, how to fight like that.”

Marcus, I still want to fight like that too. I’m still working on flying and shooting energy from my hands, but I get what you are saying.

Dragon Ball Z is like boom to the temple, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom,
boom, boom! You know what I’m saying? They’re everywhere. And that’s how I

Sadly I do understand what he is saying. Wow, and my mother said watching all that TV was going to be bad for me.

The thing is, right now I’ve got to learn how to be more controlled with it,
but they’re just so in your face. And you know what, that’s what the crowd likes
too. The crowd likes people slugging it out, going all out, balls to the wall,
everywhere. That’s the (expletive) that gets people standing up on their feet.
So that’s how Dragon Ball Z is, and that’s why I always push my cardio.

Well if watching Dragon Ball Z will do anything for you, pushing your cardio is one of them. I still can’t watch the show without doing pushups at somepoint.

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