Nov 082011

Funny, I remember being told by a karate instructor the exact same thing about Mixed Martial Artists. Chael Sonnon, noted first for his almost stand up comedian level trash talking, and second for being the only fighter in remembered history to almost beat UFC Champion Anderson Silva, has ramped up his rhetoric to include the whole fighting style of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

Sonnon: I’d say that I have better things to do than beat the guy across the cage from me with an inefficient and unsophisticated modern fad that help effeminate men feel tough. Jiu-Jitsu, Tae Bo, no difference. I prefer the ancient sports, like wrestling. If it wouldn’t show up in a Ridley Scott movie, I won’t do it.

Well Chael, you didn’t have to tap out… I mean you have been submitted 8 times so far… maybe they know something you don’t…

Sonnon: (When asked about his tendency to talk trash) I would call it divine inspiration. I am moved to rage poetry by the idiocy, hipocracy, and flat-out laughable people and situations that I see in MMA these days. I can’t NOT call them for what they are: idiots doing idiot things because they’re idiots.

Rage poety…heh… its like when I have to dance out my anger. I really wish I had a video to illistrate, but you are going to just have to picture it for me.

And my personal favorite

Sonnon: I would ban the triangle choke, the refuge of cowards everywhere.

I think that Sonnon must be cross training with Charley Sheen these days, because there is a simular…I don’t know, breed of crazy to their metaphor.
I’ve hit the highlights, but if you want to read the whole interview you can find it here.¬†Thanks once again to Brandon for the tip!

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