Dec 212011

As martial artists, it is normal and natural to compare styles. The stand up crowd thinks one way, the ground fighting crowd thinks another, and Chuck Norris just defeats us all. From this video I can tell the the Chuck Norris of our generation is already among us. In Art Marshall’s own words “The Gracies told me while I was training with them that 90% of all fights do end on the ground. My response to that was “90% of people have never fought Art Marshall.”

Its a little long, but totally worth the watch as every moment of this video is worth watching. I really loved how he promoted his student and gave him a double white belt. Thanks to Fitz for the tip.

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Dec 202011

Um…wow. Its a rap about jiu jitsu by MMA fighter Ralek Gracie.

He is the son of Rorion Gracie, he has a short but undefeated MMA career, and he teaches out of the Gracie acadamy, the orginization that brought you the online blue belt, and the pnk belt. They now bring you “G in a Gi”. This will finally bring BJJ the street credit it had been lacking before.

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Dec 022011

Dr. Yang, Jwing-Ming crazy kung fu master

We martial artists look at other athletes and sneer. They aren’t in the same class as we are. We are warriors. We have no off season. Life is our season! There are no scholarships to be earned in martial arts, we pay for the privilege of being hammered and twisted and slammed over and over. So how would you feel about signing up to do nothing but train 24/7 at a remote location for 10 years?

Yeah, I’m dedicated, not crazy. I’d miss the internet, friends, pets, even my wife. Well Dr. Yang, Jwing-Ming, decided to just that. He wanted to take young martial artists and get them to dedicate themselves to a 10 year training program out in the mountains. The discription from their website is as follows.

“YMAA Retreat Center in Humboldt County, CA is a nonprofit organization established in 2005 by the founder of YMAA (Yang’s Martial Arts Association), world renowned author and teacher, Dr. Yang, Jwing-Ming, Ph.D. The purpose of this organization is to restore and preserve traditional Chinese martial arts and culture to their original level of high quality and standards.”

Although Yang is the only live in instructor, he also brings in other kung fu masters to work with his students. How many? Only 12, and so far, four years into the project, 7 have quit. In early 2012 Yang is going to allow six more students to join for a shorter five year program, so if you are interested, give’m a call (707) 502-8739

Yang says that after the 10 year program is finished, he plans on retiring completely. Crazy or not, this is pretty cool. I am still kind of confused as to how you get a 10 year commitment out of people, but salute to you, you crazy kung fu cult.

Nov 212011

Most of us love MMA, and after Saturday’s UFC (139) Shogun vs Henderson, I can really say that. However there are some among us who find such extreme violence to be disturbing and foolish. (Mom, I am talking to you), and for the sake of not fighting over Thanksgiving, I can see some of their points. However there is another group of people who feel that MMA isn’t extreme enough. With all the points for take downs, breaks between rounds, wearing gloves, and referee stoppages, perhaps we need something more “Extreme!” You might remember my post of the X-Arm competion? Well fighters of this ilk have done it again with the advent of Shock Fighting.

 Here’s what you do, you attach a taser to each glove, and alakazam, the people who support the ban of MMA in New York suddenly sound much more sane. In mere MMA we only had to worry about broken bones, chokes, joint breakage, and concussions. Now we get to worry about several thousand volts of electricity! Is he tapping or just twitching? Who knows. Thanks to George for the tip. Hope you enjoyed.


Nov 142011

Well, I guess it still counts as updating even if its so late in the day. I should say something about the UFC on Fox, but I’m not prepared to make a statement on that just yet, so instead I give you something that I do care about. Robots fighting.

 Watch the whole thing, its short and gets better towards the end. I really liked the one that could climb back to its feet. I’ll do better tomorrow, just lazy today.

Nov 072011


 Brent Alvarez runs Twisted Web MMA in Eugene, Ore., and Billy Denney is his student. They were in LA for a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu tournament and as they were walking through the hotel lobby the clerk yell for help. Alvarez and Denney jumped on the robber, and while Denney controlled his wrists, Alvarez sunk in a rear naked choke and a body triangle. Got to love how they seem a little sheepish that they didn’t knock him out. But hey, the way I score things, they get 2 for the take down, 3 for rear mount, and the opponent had a gun, so I’d still call it a win.

Nov 042011

Ok remember that story I did a while back about Ben ‘Flattop’ Fodor, a MMA fighter who moonlights as caped super hero, Phoenix Jones? Well when last we saw him, he had been arrested for macing some folks trying to fight under an overpass. Well the Seattle police hauled his spandex covered rear-end to jail for assault, but charges were never filed. Most likely the drunken idiots who called the police on him sobered up and remembered that they really didn’t care. But the forces of petty evil continued to work against Phoenix Jones, this time trying to cut off his source of funding. You see, by day Phoenix Jones’ mild mannered alter ego Ben Fodor works with autistic people, working to make them more self sufficient. However, since he was arrested for assault, he is considered a risk to these people and has been let go from his work by order of the state. I don’t pretend to be an expert, or even well read on legal matters, but you would think that you can be arrested for anything, but unless charges are made, you wouldn’t think there would be consciences. This dude seems to me to be an all around do-good-er, and its persecution of this nature that gives rise to super villains! Mark my words if Seattle doesn’t do something, we might be witnessing the rise of Dark Phoenix Jones.

Oct 272011

I know I’ve been giving our ninja friends a hard time lately. Well buck up bucky! Your wife might not let you throw knives in the house and your office dress code might not allow you to wear your mask, but you can still show your ninja pride as you tote this ninja coffee mug around the office.

And yes, it does have a cookie storage area!  It can also be used as a Tekko or thrown… I guess… Folks this is a winner. There are a few left at so get cracking!

Oct 262011

I belive children are our future, unless we stop them now.


So impressive. I love the fact that the child looks so scary, but when he talks, you can tell he’s just a normal little boy. A normal little boy who moves with more grace while doing pad work then most fighters I know. I know this raises issues of how healthy it is for kids to be training like that, and we wonder if their father is pushing them too much, but there is also the chance they are loving it, and its good that a father spends that much time with his kids. I wonder if he’d adopt me?